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How to avoid drug pauses in student life!
How to avoid drug pauses in student life!

In the twelfth grade Sayem took the first cigarette when he was in ninth grade. While chatting with his friends, he did the work of the funeral . And friends with her "Hey, nothing will happen!" This sentence inspired him very much. Now he is only eighteen. At that age, she was about to run behind her own dreams, she was running towards darkness.

I told the story of this boy named Sayem completely. But what are you really making?Little by little, you can see such thousands of Sayem around us. It is at least tragic and surprising that a large part of our young society is now drug addict. Most of whom are involved in drug syndrome. The beginning was either from curiosity, nor was it the motive of friends. But, the end result is not very good. In the absence of breath, the student life is wasted, and then a big disease is destroyed by the whole life is lost. There is no benefit of drugs. You can not achieve anything except money, health, time waste

Let's see how you keep yourself away from the toxic poison of drugs.

1) Be careful in the selection of friends

"Surely blessed with honesty, doomed with dishonesty!" You must have heard of this? A real friend has many positive effects in your life and you want to be successful in your life.On the other hand, a friend is enough to take your life to a negative road but enough. Do not think about it once. Who gives cigarette to you and says "Hey, nothing will happen!" Is he really your friend? Can a friend hand him poison with another friend?

Try to befriend good mindedness, creative people, so that you can always learn something better. If some of your friends are drug addicts, then use them well and try to bring them as much as possible to the right way. If it is not possible for you, then avoid it.By doing this, you will go ahead in the way of keeping yourself away from drugs.

2) Learn "no"

In many cases it is seen that many people do not say "no" and in the beginning many people accept drugs. And lastly he can not get rid of this drug. In fact, you can not say "no" because of various reasons. For example, "Aryah, every kind of experience is needed in life!"; "Once you have tested, you are not addicted to drugs!" If you can say "no" after listening to these words, then they take you to another level where you try to smash everyone.

"You are the son of a mother's cradle, why do they eat?" - Many of these people are disturbed by this kind of message. By changing his mind, taking a friend's drug as a challenge seems to be a challenge! And in this way the mind-mentality of saying "no" is lost in a while.

So believe in yourself. That's exactly what you're doing. Do not mean that, as they try to make you angry, you stand firm on your decision. If you can not stop them, do not move away somewhere else. If you believe in defeats yourself in words, you are the real winner if you say "no" at first and ultimately believe in your "no" words.

3) Make positive mentality

Frustration is seen as a major reason for leaning on drugs. They chose drugs to overcome the frustrating time. Personally, I can never accept the idea of ​​being addicted to this depression. Frustration is born because of negative thoughts. Do you have to be frustrated by failing in any work or being frustrated by the lack of gratitude to anyone?

If there is no work failing, then learning from the failure will have to start work in the new venture and try to be repeatedly. No one can be frustrated when you hear a man, but your elders have said that you want to be good.Keep a smile in your favor. In such a situation, students are frustrated due to various reasons of everyday life . Try to think them positively and solve them. Try to come to terms with the problems of close friends. If you make a mistake by yourself alone, you will have to bear the consequences of your life forever.

4) Keep yourself engaged in creative work

Loneliness has become a cause of drug addiction for many. If you want to get out of here, join your school-college clubs. Perform workshops and events with them. Teach your own creative tasks to others and try to learn from others' work. This will maintain a good relationship with everyone. And you too will be busy with your life.

What you can do more is to talk to everyone.Develop a community skill, it will introduce many kinds of people. You will not get the opportunity to spend time alone in loneliness.At this time it is very important to know about yourself, your choice and passion. If you are busy with your favorite work in a variety of creative works such as writing, travel, dance, singing and poetry recitation, you can protect yourself from the dark world of narcotics.

5) Attention to bodybuilding

If you want to live healthy through regular exercise, you will stay away from drugs. If you can fit yourself in the right diet, you will be able to live as a healthy body as well as a healthy person at the end of the day. From the student life, gradually exercising in accordance with routine and healthful diet will not be a problem for you to live a life.

6) Let's talk about some wrong ideas

There are several misconceptions about smoking and drug abuse among people.Depending on these misconceptions, if someone becomes drowsy slowly, it is really sad. Let's try to get out of these common misconceptions.

Concept 1: "SMOKING" in student life - a lot of "COOL" is a matter!

It has to be accepted very hard, but it is true that such a concept is seen in many students.These tendencies are among the boys.Looking at the sky, the cigarette walked through the pavement to blow the cigarette and thought "I'm a big superhero!" How much more. Actually these are nothing. It's a different "feeling", thinking that sacrificing the precious time of your life is actually a foolish thing.

Once you are thinking, a student is roaming in the streets, "COOL", or the boy who is attending a science fair, learning about the debate, is writing, he is more "COOL"? If you do not take the right decision by saving yourself from the wrong path, you will walk towards a terrible future.

Concept 2: When taking sleeping medicine without the doctor's advice!

It is a matter of great risk to take various types of tablet products without the advice of a doctor to wake up or to sleep. If you continue to do such things yourself, then you can not sleep without those tablets.

There is a difference between medicine and drugs. If you think you are suffering from a problem, you should consult a doctor. In that case, you may need some medicines to solve your problem. But even after resolving your problem, if you continue taking those medicines without any control, then those medicines will turn into drugs. So, with the help of a good doctor, do not take any action to take medicine itself.

One of my favorite speakers Sandeep Mahaswari said in a session, "Drug addiction starts from 'one'. If you take drugs once a day, if it is fun, because of curiosity, or 99% chance you will become addicted.

This statement should always keep an excellent speech in its own mind. Use our curiosity for good work and use the student life properly. Best wishes to all of you.

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