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    Now is the time to take health care

    Now is the time to take health care
    Now is the time to take health care

    One of the earliest texts behind childhood texts or one of the earliest sayings heard as a teacher's advice. Sadly, this is the reality that in the current time, taking care of your health at this time of time is a luxury to some of us!But the eternal teachings taught in childhood are only meant to say? If you want to be wealthy and wealthy, you have to be careful about your health. Some rules to comply with!There is no reason to listen to the rules. Being able to abide by a few tactics or rules is not a difficult or impossible task to possess wealth and wealth.

    So let's know, some useful tips to maintain good health!

    1) Be careful, from the naughty cycle of rice

    Due to the ratio of rice to rs. Rice is less than curry or less than rice. Often this embarrassing incident occurs when we eat with many of us. Many people eat more than enough to adjust the amount of rice and sugary. Ultimately, weight increased! This practice will come out of the naughty cycle of rice. If the curry is taken in excess of unwantedness, it is better to eat it empty than it is rather than eating extra rice.

    2. Between 20-20-20, relief will be seen 

    In the 21st Century, people are more productive! It is now a very common and familiar scene to keep working on a laptop or desktops on a regular phone or on a desktop or tablet. The sight of being damaged by this.The glasses are now the constant companions of most of us. And so, saying this generation a visionary generation would not be very wrong. Looking at things from a continuous sitting, it is harmful for the eyes.You can adopt a strategy to reduce the risk of this loss! The name of this strategy is "20-20-20 (Twenty-Twenty-Twenty-Five) Rules". In this case, while looking at something continuously, have a habit of looking at 20 seconds for 20 minutes at every 20 minute intervals. This will reduce the pressure on the eye slightly.

    3) There will be three great works on one cycle

    Buy bicycles, you will automatically see the bodybuilding. One of the most effective bodybuilding bikes. To maintain good health by reducing weight, this bike can play a very important role. In the case of transport, the bike can be trusted as a transport. In that case the bike will save your travel expenses and the cost of the money. So,

    Save Money Save Health Buy a Bicycle.

    4) Walking while the most suitable bodybuilding

    Walking among all the workshops is the simplest and useful for everyone, as well as effective exercises. Now save time We all often take transport services from online raid sharing apps. While calling the ride from the app, it is quite beneficial for the body even if it is a short distance from the call of your position. However, there is a scarcity in reaching us all the time. So the risk of walking is stupid in the field. Since returning from class or office to home, there is usually no hurry to return. The time can be used for the walk. If you are alone in the vehicle try to walk at least a few paths and then get into the vehicle. This will make your exercise kotatukuo full.

    5) Lift no steps

    Lift is needed when many of us get upstairs.In the interest of good health, we must come out of this bad habit. A good exercise is a good stepping down the stairs. If you do not need much, it is better to move the stairs instead of the elevator. It becomes a lot of exercise.

    6) Say 'No' to 'Three White Poesons'

    This trishna of sugar, salt and rice diet is called 'Three White Potsons'. Accepting more than necessary, these white poets will be threatened as poisonous for our health.Sometimes these ingredients cause high blood pressure, diarrhea, and cause long-term illness. Therefore, it is very important to take precautions to accept these three white panic as food. Keep as much as you can in the diet.

    7) Water is another name:

    Another name for water is one of the reasons for this, that water helps our digestion and danger. Drinking water half an hour before meals reduces our food intake to a lot of time compared to other times. That helps keep the weight right. In accordance with the customs of Islam, we have to keep one part of the stomach food filled with one part of the stomach for the sake of our good health. So,

    Eat water before eating, reduce pressure on food.

    8) Reverse the opposite rule:

    According to the conventional rules, most of us eat breakfast in the morning. Some people are going to avoid the trouble of this breakfast name. Then at noon at Petpur, eating breakfast and eating at night is the routine routine. That's why the obesity is increasing due to the increase in fatness. But the real rule is like a king in the morning, like a prince in the afternoon and at night will be eaten like beggar. That is, the morning breakfast will be of the utmost importance.Because our brain started working after this breakfast. Therefore, in the interest of good health, this traditional rule of food will be overturned.

    9) In ten minutes, you will be able to do it

    Within ten minutes, it is possible to do physical exercises by sitting in the office chair with some free hand exercises. This concept, called Ten Minute Office Exercise, will help you to exercise at the office. And sit at home with seven minutes of workout, complete your exercise quota.

    10) Choose smaller size plate 

    Reduce the size of the plate plate. Do not choose the plate as small plates in size.Today's latest idea is this. You will see that the size of the plate will decrease as well as your quantity. The big plate food is eaten more easily than the food. Again, it is advisable to give less food to large plates. But if the size of the plate is small then this thing is not visible. So, do not choose the plate as you eat while the small plates in size. You will see that the size of the tummy will also be reduced.

    Regular health irregularities sometimes carry diseases and pests! Therefore, caring for health is also important! Follow these tactics from today so that you stay healthy, working and enthusiastic! Remember, being careful about your health is not luxury, it is necessary!So, be careful about your health in the name of having good health and the right to possess beautiful minds.

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