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as well as the difficulty of pronouncing the words to study in this subject.

Although the subject is difficult, the subject is a lot of fun, once you can just have fun.And the exam actually increased the fun a couple times. Looks like the Moon on Bashabagana itself. The last night's moon is actually bamboo and engineering has a deep love relationship.

If you read here, the bamboo must be eaten for a long time. I have seen many people from the very beginning, their forehead is very good, eat bamboo, eat a meal only after one time goes to Gautam Buddha in a bamboo. I think after the pandals, we are the first creatures in the world who eat so much bamboo. Many people love to eat bamboo bamboo, Indian heroine Emisha Patil (Dada, thin-to-t ...), when the exam ends, we get well again, our recovery rate is very good quality.
This little light tana panchayee is the key to the development of modern civilization or science. Just do not think of it anymore, just do not use it, except it is not without us.

This amazing development of the world has only been done for the benefit of this power, and our conception is also about electricity or electrical engineering. It is far more advanced than any other kind of electrical engineering, engineering, and so much of its work-scope is much more.

Whatever it takes to get help, whatever is the help.

Let's say a little about its work schedule.The subject matter of its subject matter is so much that forced to open separate new department. Computer Engineering, Telecommunication, IT, Automation, Smart Systems etc are much more involved. The most interesting thing to read about this is that there are many options.

Engineering centre

I do not like one or the one. And all the tops had some knowledge, so if you do not like it after entering the job then you can also enter other fields. Now whoever enter the field, it is better to fix it at the beginning, but do not harm the second year.

However, those who are in this job field can be consulted.And those who want to go out of the country to achieve higher education should have a talk with the teachers who have been doing research today or more in scope than what. Tanya Pankhaya Finished Now Come on Job Market.

Before entering the market, let us clarify a thing, whose uncle, uncle, elder brother means a good link, but if you do not have the tension for job in Bangladesh. For them, my message is to finish the final year exam and dance to "Ohpan Gangnam Style and wait a little bit".

So let's start looking for mama, uncle, elder brother from now on. 

🙂 The history below is for those who have EGO problems like me or do not have a good link / want to get jobs in their own right. At first I have to be patient. There is no reason to fear.

There is a word, "Job is in a good place when late". In my opinion, I have searched for jobs for a long time (though my main target is for higher education), in my own efforts, I did not go to anyone myself to get rid of these requests.

We have reduced ourselves to myself. The biggest problem in the world is to become smaller by yourself. Self respect matters That's why no one was told. It is very necessary for Femili support at this time, which I got, Pi, but Insha AllahI am now working in a multinational company.

Project BASIS Job is so much more than the income opportunity. Allah never gave up on trust, patience and patience. Allah gave the fruits of patience.

Alhamdulillah Now happy just getting a good scholarship / funding. 

In fact, if there is not a link, in many cases do not even call invertewives. That's why I'm trying to be patient. What would be a little delayed to call? It is important to prepare mentally. In that case, you have to prepare yourself regularly. Interviews should be very good, in this case, you can take ideas from those who are elderly. As well as taking courses like CCNA, CCNP, PLC, Microcontroller etc, it is better if you keep yourself ahead of others. Moreover, the work of the people of Jhansi saw these jobs beforehand. Apart from this IELTS / TOEFL, GRE is also good to do as well. Outside the country is much better than finding jobs in the country. And this time should be enjoyed because it will not be so free. Another thing to say is that you do not have to apply online at as well as hardcaps to reach.

In this case, many CV envelopes can be filled in the envelope area based tournaments. For example, in the offices of Gulshan, Banani, Mohakhali, in these areas, where there is a circular at, to reach the CV. And as well as keep in mind those friends living in those areas that you come to Gazette in their area.

That's why the lunch will be able to come back to his home. 🙂 Presently around the world, the economic recession has its impact in our country. As a result, companies / industries have terminates many Employees for their financial losses. In our country, the impact of this has fallen. The impact of the economic crisis on our perceived impact is that in many countries, the inventors of our country are enjoying many benefits. New people are taking less, they are being offered very few salaries.

They could never be an engineer at such a low salary. 

When someone comes out of the low salary job from the interview board, I myself have heard the smiles of HR people. Their smile means "Batta Vongdai has agreed to such a low salary", but they are proud of their Highair Authority, saying that they see their position as "see how little sher has left the engineer." Since the people who are entering the market are bad, they too are forced to go without compromising. In the past 2-3 years, an engineer who gets the payroll of today's engineers gets 1% of the 3% share in many areas. Think about how bad the situation is.

One of my acquaintances has heard that Grameenphone has terminated only a few hundred engineers for their network's work, and he is also one of them. He has been cursed, but he is now a good company in Norway. Celeri is more than 3 lakhs Now come to the job sector for our electrical engineers. Our country is not technologically advanced, but the touch of improvement has started to be very good.It was enough for our diploma engineers to do the work a few days ago. But now many big companies are working in the country and our facilities are increasing day by day.The field of electronics is very much better.

Telecom's field is saturated, yet I would say that well. Although there are many power plants in the country, there are fewer opportunities. At present, there are lots of jobs in IT, Networking, Software, Automation fields. Finally, there is no reason to be frustrated, one or the other will be inshaAllah Just need a little patience and preparation. Initially, I have to do a little trouble, but after 2-3 years, I have gained experience and experience in Kellahafte. Who gets you and you, then your job will find you. Then lift it all up. I'm talking a lot. However, sincerely thanking all those who have tolerated my knowledge, thank all of them and new year wishes.

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