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Some of the best ways to make  money for students
Some of the best ways to make  money for students

I often say that there are thousands of ways for students to earn. It is possible to earn a lot of money while in college or university in education. But before the income starts, the students show excuses, which they do not know how to earn, which are the right and appropriate websites to earn. Let's know, about some mediums where students can start earning easily.


If you like to write about any topic, blogging is the easiest and appropriate method for you. You can start writing on any topic. That's why you have to create a blog first. If you want, you can create a free blog at a very low cost and start writing. The biggest advantage of blogging is that you can blog anywhere.You can start earning from the blog, depending on the quality of the content and the number of traffic.

Blogging earn
Earn blogging 

Content Writing

Like blogging, you can join as a writer on different websites or magazines. They will pay you for a certain number of articles.Some of the best websites for content writing are Rour Bangla , Youth Carnival , History , Banglahab etc. If you are proficient in English, then you can earn good money by writing article in English.The best websites for writing articles in English are WoWoman on Writing , College Humor , CrackDot Com , Watch Culture , Michelle Pipin etc.

Virtual Assisting

There are currently a number of websites and companies who appoint virtual assistants for jobs like email sent, customs management, audio transcription, basic writing, online researching. As a student, you can also work as a virtual assistant on those websites or companies. Some of the best websites for virtual assistants are Magic , Time ETC , Virtual Staff Finder , Fever, etc

Freelancing on Fever

Fifa is an online freelancing community where you can earn money by selling your skills. From a logo design, you can sell consulting skills in Fiver. After fiver's main page, opening an account and creating a gig for specific tasks on your profile. And then, that gig has to set a fixed price.

MicroWorking on Amazon Mechanical Mark

You can get Amazon Mechanical Markfrom $ 0.005 to $ 10 for a small number of different types of work. These works include Facebook page, commenting on different posts, signing up to different sites, creating small programs, creating email newsletters, basics writing etc.Because these tasks are small and very easy to do without special skills.

Graphics Designing

If you are proficient in software like Photoshop, Illustrator and are creative in designing, then start earning as a graphics designer. There are online websites where you can start earning easily by selling your designs. These designs include logos, business cards, ID cards, templates, cvs, rejuvenies etc. Some of the best websites for selling designs are 99 Designs , Society Six , Super Market , Threadlessetc.

YouTube Video Blogging

If you like to video yourself, are interested in videography and edit creative media, then you can earn some extra money as a YouTube video blogger. You can easily earn from YouTube by displaying your video ad. Depending on the quality of the video content and the number of traffic, you can start earning from the video.

YouTube Video Blogging
YouTube Video Blogging

Application Selling

If you are proficient in one or two programming languages, you can make good money by creating a software and selling it on different sites. Currently there are many websites that purchase various categories of software. Some of these websites are Shipfai , E-junky , Clickbank , Fitch App , Send Oul , Pay Tool Box etc.

Calligraphy Selling

If your handwriting is very beautiful and diverse, then you can earn money by converting that handwriting into a calligraphy. If you want to do this, you can create calligraphy courses or earn money from the website of selling direct caligraphy. There are some websites that can be sold by selling caligraphy, workshops , ETC shops , fives etc.

Translating Language

If you are fluent in two or three languages, then those languages ​​can earn others by learning. In that case, you can teach language through online courses or there are many websites where money is translated for translation. You can also earn from those websites. The best sites to translate languages ​​are Unbeible , Translators' Town , Translator Base , Tradu Guide etc.


The most commonly used word for online jobs is marketing. If you are proficient in digital marketing, then you can easily earn a living by doing a marketing agency. If you know techniques like SEO, SEO or Social Media Marketing, it is very easy to earn a lot of money through marketing.

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