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    Study SMART, not HARD
    Study SMART, not HARD

    There are some friends in our friendship who are not able to achieve the desired result even after a lot of studies. Again, there are many people sitting on a very good result despite the fact that they are not so much like a very close friend. All of us are curious to know the secret of the surprising results of a little studied good friend! The mystery is very common. It is better to read 3 hours more carefully than reading all day without attention. But, what is the way to tie the attention?

    Let's know, however, about 14 great strategies to keep attention while studying and learn anything well.

    1) Be sure to be nimonic for the convenience of remembering -

    Many of us had a kind of horror in childhood. Large numbers of 'simple' names. Although it is simple but it ends up waking up in the end, it is very easy for many of us Then it was taught in the school that the revolutionary memory of remembrance "BODMAS", which showed an old finger in the complexities of the simple. This "BODMAS" is an example of nimonic. To give a more convincing exampleof pneumonics, it is important to remember that the unit of measurement can be learned in a very short time,

    The country will get peace in the killing of robbers.

    SMART and an excellent nimonic example.We often say about SMART Goal Setting. This is a sense of SMART in real sense. Let's see what the words of SMART mean in the words.

    S = Specific

    M = Measurable

    A = Attainable

    R = Realistic

    T = Time Bound

    It is possible to make fun funny pneumonic sounds that can be easily remembered by the English phobic, physics or mathematical formulas, and the hard-hitting form of chemistry or the theory of chemistry and reaction.

    2) Say 'no' to mobile while reading-

    This generation is afraid to imagine a moment without mobile phones. But during the study this mobile is the biggest focus of the company. So do not have to say the mobile at the time of reading. Although not a chat away from mobile, today you want to teach three small hacks that will keep you away from mobile while reading.

    * Sit down in the afternoon or at a time when people are not usually online.
    * Keep the mobile out of hand reach That is, in a place where you can not reach your hands. Just sit in the place where you want to get up from the place.
    * Use the discrepancy in reading gap breaks. If we take a break in the reading phase, we usually take the mobile hands first. This thing can not be done.

    Stay away from mobile phones while using this trick.

    Study will be much easier
    Study will be much easier

    3) Use Memory-Spaced Repeat Technique -

    'Read or read' or 'read - break / sleep - read'

    If you take a break in the middle rather than continuing to fall, then the reading memories are more permanent. The process of repeating the interval between reading is the name of the spacious repetition system. This trick can be used to reduce the risk of losing reading. In a break, a little more sleep will increase the stability of reading in memory, a few times. So, do not forget about sleeping.

    4) Make a place for reading -

    The place where reading is very important to keep in mind. It may be in a rugged, secluded and clean place of your home, your reading table or the bed beside the window! The place will be where you used to go, so that there was only a lot of attention coming up.

    So, set a nice place to read today.

    5) Learn to teach others by yourself -

    " If you can not explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough." -Albert Einstein

    That is, if someone fails to teach others after learning something, then he lacks the teaching! So now you can learn new things from now on, try to teach others. Then he will be more permanent to learn.

    6) Practice adequate drinking water -

    Water is the name of life!

    I have heard from that little house. And "drink more water." - That is a very common and familiar advice. The role of water is very important in keeping the focus fixed. If you are sitting on a glass of water every time you sit down to read, the efficiency of our brain increases a lot. It is scientifically proven information

    7) Prepare for the last minute using Sticky Notes, Marker Pens and Highlighters. Great -

    Whenever there is an important word, sentence, or information that will be read, always mark it with highlights or other color ink, it will be useful in revision time. To attach a new important information, you can add a sticky note to a book or note. If the amount of information is more than sufficient, then the other color can be kept in the book or in the notes with the pen. These sticky notes, highlighted points and other important points written in other cases will be seen during the revision. This will make it easier to revisit immediately before the test.

    8) Skills will be increased in practical application -

    Whenever you do not have to learn it, you have to try to apply it practical. This will increase both knowledge and skills. Trying to read a new book or watching a movie will try to write reviews of them. You have the ability to understand what you understand and learn from them. If you learn a software skill, you have to use it practically. You have to learn how to learn and how to teach your own learning.

    9) Singing singing -

    Practicing or practicing is the most effective way to keep things in mind or to increase efficiency in any matter. Regardless of what you have learned, you have to practice it every day, to be able to verify skills. Now you can use the Ten Minute School ( www.10minuteschool.com ) quizzes as a way to check. With the quiz, the result will be matching, you will know that your preparation is better than any other.

    So, from now on any topic of any topic, whether or not it is your skill to check with quiz!

    10) Be determined to study the timeframe and targets -

    "Procrastination" is one of the biggest problems of this generation. Although given a lot of time, most of us will sit down to read the test on the night before. To submit a research report given to make 6 months time-consuming, it is time to return to the submissions just hours before the submission. Our biggest problem is the last time we returned to our senses.

    It is necessary to practice this timeframe and goal in general education or work to ensure that this revelation is always used to return before the expiration of the deadline. Because it will work in us or persecution to finish reading. By applying these little, short timeframes and targets and following them, our habit of working at times will also be developed.

    11) Use "Pomodoro Technique" to return lost attention -

    Keeping attention is one of the most difficult tasks on earth. At the beginning of any class or lecture, there is a focus or attraction at the top, that is, at the top. Over time, it is constantly decreasing. If this writing is to be considered, it is definitely to be told as much as it was at the beginning of the reader's attraction that this part of the writing has come down considerably.

    According to scientific research, it is proven that human brain can not hold attention more than 20-30 minutes continuously. After this period the attention has decreased gradually.But there are ways to bring this slow down focus This is the name of the "Pomodoro Technique." It is a process that takes a 5-10 minute short break after reading 25 minutes or any other work, and then the process of starting again is "Pomodoro Technique." It will return interest, attention and attention.

    12) A little physical exercise but it will be refreshing -

    Before taking a little light exercise or exercise, it will take a lot of refresh when reading.Bathing can also be done. If you do not have any interest in exercise, you can be given a roundabout in the whole house. If you are filled with excitement and enthusiasm, then the lesson will be remembered.

    13) Take note of mobile note and reduce your PDF readings on your computer -

    In this digital age, taking notes on mobile or reading soft copy of book from laptop or desktop to PDF has become the habit of this generation. However, there is a lot of memory in the memory of the notes written in the book, rather than taking notes in the mobile.Because, in the case of a note, a note can be made by drawing or doodling, which can not be used to take notes on the phone.

    And the paintings are more permanent in memory. And, hard copy of the book, that is better than software. While reading from a PDF or a desktop on a laptop or a desktop, the variance of the notification is not hard to read from the book. It is possible to concentrate on reading the truth.

    Instead of taking note of mobile, take notes or book notes instead. If you do not read PDF or soft copy, practice reading from hardcaps.

    14) Force the practical knowledge -

    Efficiency in the practical application of knowledge increases. Therefore, the knowledge of science can be applied in the manual and practical applications of practical and practical applications, and should be learned through examinations. Then he will be able to learn.

    Since then, no further complaints are made.Use these strategies to increase focus and study, get faster and more efficient. Best wishes to all of you!

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