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10 ways to earn money in student life
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10 ways to earn money in student life

The student life is not just to teach the nose but to spend it. If you take part in other activities as well as study, it will become a student life to remember! Since I was a student, I used to think about earning money, because it gives me a chance to become self-reliant in student life. So today we will say 10 great tips to make money in student life, which will make this earnings much easier if you follow one of them.

1. Find out tuition:

I started earning the first money in my life. I still remember, I received a tuition of three thousand rupees by teaching a class 8th class. Start from there to teach a batch, and thus it continues to grow! The ten minutes that you see today, the primary expenses of my school were paid from my tuition! So today you can start the tuition!

The question are going to be, "But I don't get that tuition? what is going to happen to me? "In this case, tell my initial tuition story. we have a tendency to created a leaflet with four friends, write 'want to read'. They place them within the walls of our space, all of them along. it'll be astonishing to listen to, however in one we have a tendency toek we all got our own tuition! you'll do identical issue, success can come!

2. Use the skills of designing:

This is one of my favorite choices. I started designing from the first year of my College. After a while, I noticed that many of the designing works are available. Now a better designer demand is more! So if you can do good design, then why sit? From today you can start earning money, just waiting to introduce yourself to your own suitcase!

3. Use the editing skills correctly:

Though the concept of "Video Editing" is not too old, it is an important skill. Those who watch the Ten Minute School videos will notice, edits each video. This editing is a very important one. In the present age everyone wants quality video but does not get good video editor. So you guys who can make good editions of golden opportunity for you!

4. Wrap the hand of writing:

We can all write. But some of them can print his writing in the newspaper? If your writing is good, then you have a golden opportunity in front of you! Whether it is Bangla or English, it will run. There are plenty of blogging sites, news papers, online news portals that require lots of writers everywhere in the 10 minute school. So, those who are good at writing, can use this quality to find ways to make money!

5. Freelancing at home:

Freelancing is one of the most discussed words for the current generation. Freelancing means the free or the pirate. In other words, working freely from a particular organization, rather than being freelancing is what is called freelancing. I think this work means you all already know.

You are doing an outside work for freelancer. Suppose you are capable of designing, someone or again in web development! There are many other things that can be done freelancer. You can work in any of America to work in Bangladesh. If there are thousands of such jobs, you will know more about it!

6. Work For Agency:

It is a company that companies make video editing, designing, producing presentations, corporate events, and downgrades for big companies. If you are doing any of this work, then many companies will find you for their work. If you want you can join any agency!

7. Hobby Assistant to Make Money (Photography):

This is a huge opportunity for students who have a chance. Those who do photography, videography, they do not have to tell the details of how many opportunities are in front of them!

You can open a firm with friends

"Weddings  Photography, Corporate Photography, Event Photography" many such opportunities are open to them. Those 10 minutes of school videos are the back of the crew, but the photographer! So, those who are very skilled at this can be a great way to earn money.

8. Student life is a great time to start small business:

Our new T-shirts are being designed, but we have a son who made us these T-shirts from his newly made company. With so many smaller ideas, you can start your small business path which can become bigger than your dream!

9. There is no coder pair in the digital era:

The whole world is flowing through the tide of ICT. If you are good at coding, you can develop apps, web development, even if you have created software for a big company! In the 10-minute school we look for designers, looking for animate and looking for many coders who can create new features for us. Why then? If you have a coder use your skill!

10. Experience in Event Management:

Many of us go to many events. Many of my friends are working on this event. May be food festival, corporate event, event of Pahela Baishakh. There are so many things that the management of event management firms to organize and manage them fairly.

If you have expertise in this matter then there are many management firms where you can work with them, or you can open a firm with friends!

Why then? Use these tips quickly, find out what you are capable of, and start your student life earn money!

Collected from 10minuteschool blog. 

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