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    8 great hackers of messenger. Learn some necessary messenger hacks - blogs71

    8 great hackers of messenger
    8 great hackers of messenger

    8 great hackers of messenger

    In the very busy times of the 21st century, talking face to face or chatting does not make much of us many of us However, thanks to the benefit of technology or the social media, it is possible to talk or chat with Messenger or WhatsApp through expatriate friends across the seven-sea thirteen rivers. The situation is so much that, rather than talking face to face, the message is more than spoken. So let's learn how to use messenger's eight effective 'smart' features!

    Emoji embarrassment for publication:

    When you ask a senior brother or aunt to work in front of you older than you, your face shows that you are requesting him! But in today's busy times, messenger or WhatsApp is more likely to speak through chatting or messaging. So, by using proper emoji or emoticon during the message or text, the type of speech you speak, the face must be expressed in the right way!

    "Brother, give it a little bit?"


    "Brother, give it a little bit? 😃 "

    Differences between words are just an emoji! At the time of reading the first sentence, someone might think that order! But the emoji has changed the second sentence to the request!

    Important files to be protected in your inbox:

    Many people have made the message so long but have you ever seen the message? What are some of the interesting features of Messengers or do we use? This great feature of the messenger can be useful but it can be done all the great work! On the first day of the presentation, the presentation file itself inbox will be able to download from your inbox in time. Apart from other important files or documents inbox itself, there are plenty of benefits to take advantage of time!

    Messenger Plan When Adial Reminder:

    The messenger group or thread to hit the chances to make a decision to be decided soon next week will be a visit to all friends! Or, there is an important meeting or a group of urgent group projects after ten days! Human brain erases many important information from the inside of the brain! So, a great feature plan setting can be used without Messengers, depending on it! Then, either you or both of you or the other people have forgotten, but later, the very responsible messenger will remind you of the event or task at the right time.

    No Confusion with Location:

    We always like to delay in all cases! And if it is to see with friends then there is no word! There will definitely be one such person, whether or not he will say that he is staying only five minutes in a distance from the destination! It's easy to know the location of the messenger's location options and the real location of everyone! So, there is no scope to lie, even without leaving the house!

    Virtual Talker Wife:

    This time is very technologically timeless! More talk than chatting, texting or messaging than talking face to face! So, in this case, some advocates should adhere! It is unthinkable to get the new one in the thread or the group to welcome him! And, for the first time with a brand new person, he will have to speak with his full identity as well as appropriate representation in chat! Welcome to the start of virtual conversation is just as important as it is important to finish the conversation. In this case, just after reading the message, the other side can understand that the conversation has ended!

    The end of the controversy in Polle:

    Preparing to celebrate the birthday of a friend coming forward! There is a lot of debate in the group about what gifts will be given to him! Book or chocolate; No one can come to the conclusions! Suddenly, the whole conversation turned into a whole irrelevant part of the debate! A great technique to solve the solution easily! Another great feature of Messenger can be decided by using the 'Poll' option easily!

    Proper language practice with message:

    Messengers threads or groups but they can be used very well! Pure language practice can be one of her! Many of us write English in Bangla or Bangla letters in English letters! It is almost time to skip full words. The pretense of which is read in the book! Messenar Thread is very useful in this case! To do this, to open a new group, there should be texting or chatting in the same way only language should be pure Bengali or English, which is the language you are interested to learn! Noticeable changes will be visible in a short span of time!

    No more stereotyping with typing mitake:

    Writing message to rush or inexplicability, sometimes we make mistakes in small mistakes! But when it comes to attention after sending the message, it has to fall into a very embarrassing situation. It is very important to correct the unwanted mistake! After identifying the mistake, it should be corrected and re-sent using the '*' symbol!

    The use of these great features of this regular messenger will make life easier and smarter!

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