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    9 production business concepts that can earn profits in low investment

    9 production business
    9 production business

    9 production business concept

    Businesses involved in production are the world's most profitable business. To start these businesses initially, the capital has to be well invested. But if these businesses are set up once again, then there is a lot of profits. However, a proper conception is the key to the businesses involved in production.

    There are lots of business ideas related to production in the whole world. But the ideas we give you, you can easily start a production business and earn good profits for less investment. Below is the concept of nine manufacturing businesses that can be more profitable in lower investment.

    Furniture or furniture production business

    Furniture for home, school and business establishments is a very useful tool. Everyone purchases chairs, tables, bedding, sofa, wardrobes etc. for their own needs. You can set up a factory and start building those furniture. You can set up this factory between approximately 7 to 10 lakhs. This is the concept of a profitable business.

    Clothing production

    Fashion consciousness is increasing day by day, among all the people. The rate is increasing with the demand of different types of clothing. But, of course, this demand will never end. So, the production of the garment production business is a fruitful business concept in the business world. You can establish a factory and start skilled production by applying skilled workers. You can sell your produced garments to local foreign companies and earn a lot of profit. Know when the good time to start a business?

    Leather business related to business

    Leather products are always a great demand thing. Leather is a great national asset in a country. And this leather is made of many essential products such as bags, shoes and belts. If you want, you can begin to produce such products by setting up a factory with a combination of common equipment. And to start this business, an estimated 2-7 lakhs of rupees can be invested.

    Production of school or office stationary products

    In schools or offices, every stationary product such as pens, file, pencil, rubber, sharpener etc. is required every day. If you want you can start a production business by producing such stationary products. It is the concept of low-cost business done to a high demand.

    Automotive parts production

    Currently, artisanship in the whole world is considered as an emerging industry. An automobile is made by combining all the spare parts. If you have good business skills and enough money you can start this business. There is no such thing that all parts of the motor vehicle should be manufactured in this business. Rather you can manage this business well by producing special parts. To start this business, investing approximately Tk 10-25 lakh will be invested.

    Fertilizer production

    As we live in an agricultural country, most people here are involved in agriculture. So if you have experience in various medicines or fertilizers you can set up a fertilizer factory. Initially, this business can be expanded gradually by starting a small scale. To begin this business, initial capitalization may be required from 800000 to 150000+ taka.

    Sports related products

    Sport is a popular entertainment medium for almost all the people in our country. If you want, you can start a factory and start producing small sport related products. You can manage this business by producing products like tennis ball, bat, caram, football etc. This could be the idea of ​​a good business.

    Toy production

    Toys are very popular to all children. You can set up a business by preparing these toys for kids in your factory. And you can supply your products in different parts of the country. You can start this business with less commentation. There is a possibility of getting more profits in this business.

    Hand-made biscuits and chocolate production

    There are many people who can create various sweet foods such as biscuits, cakes, chocolates etc. in their own hands. If you are one of them you can start producing these products on a commercial basis. If you want to have different types of cookies in your factory, you can manage this business by providing these products to the customers according to their needs. Moreover, you can start this business by setting up a bakery in your home. Some important tips for successfully starting a business.

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