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Do not make friends with 7 people on Facebook
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Do not make friends with 7 people on Facebook

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Social media on Facebook There are many people who are known to us on Facebook Their posts or cellphones come to our news feed right on Facebook. But even after getting their friend request, we still avoid. But avoiding co-workers' friend requests is not very easy.

It is also difficult to think of anybody in the office who allow you to enter your life. Unfreeze it again looks bad. But some colleagues still have to be avoided. Here's to see that 7 types of colleagues will refrain from frying on Facebook. They are:

Everytime the storyline:

 such people make their story every moment of their lives on Facebook. If you look at each of them together, then maybe it will happen- 'I got up early in the morning. Eat two pieces of bread, an egg, a banana and a cup of tea with jelly.

I went to the office after a quick dress. When I reached the office, my table was completely shuffle ... the night was gone. I'm tired, go to sleep - Good night 'etc. Their daily life is recorded in the history. Do not make them friends.

Unconsciously sympathetic:

 Some people will be colleagues about whom others think that those people are rubbish You can not understand what they are talking about or what they are saying suddenly. Do not make friends with them. Answer their message. But you can send a reply after their four or five dramatic and mysterious messages.

Dribbled with a lot of enthusiasm:

 Curly stylish stars with different designs, beard and hair cut, skin jeans, different types of cigarettes. They are often seen in front of the fashion house. The drunken stars to style their own 'and my god'. If you do not give up the cellphone every time in Facebook or Instagram, the food is not digested.

When you see them, a question arises, what will be the next style? Such colleagues are happy to record their movements. Avoid making friends with them. Besides, they can see all the news.

Persistent Inviter: 

You can block many games or groups on Facebook. But the sky will collapse on the head of such a colleague. 'What do you say, did not play virtual farming, did not play online with friends, crazy or you I will show it now and teach it. Then you can play with me ... ', will make you mad like this. So, the question of making them a Facebook friend is not a question.


The tragic death of a celebrity is spreading through a colleague of you first on earth. He is shocked and disheartened in this news, although you may doubt that celebrity at all.

Such people prefer to make any announcements. Even a photo can be part of it. Fierce villains are attacking the hero repeatedly. The responsibility of stopping him has to be on your colleague. So it is better to keep her away from the friend list.

Metaphor of conspiracy:

 A colleague is sitting quietly on the corner table and is busy preparing an investigative report. They seem to be natural in real life. But their post on Facebook posted their supernatural gimmicks and bizarre behavior quite funny. Their friend request can not actually undefende it. But making friends would be a wrong decision.

Permanent Victim: 

Life is not a flower. There are lots of tension here. But your co-worker is different. They woke up in the morning with a lot of bravery and without any failures throughout the day, due to their failure, the sky collapsed due to the reason. They are constantly getting something from this world that is breaking them into pieces. But you will not see anything like this. Only they know what happened or how to take an event. On Facebook you have made friends once, you have to constantly break the sky on your head.

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