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    Five discoveries will change in the coming decades!
    Five discoveries will change in the coming decades!

    The year 2017 was a revolutionary one year in the world of technology. Everyone hopes that this advancement of science will continue in the coming days. At every moment theresearchers are working on the other side of the world , behind the new invention, scientists have been running to make life easier.

    In the coming decades, such amazing technology is coming in front of us, which will change our perception of life! Today's organizes such five innovative discoveries.

    Replace head!

    For the past four decades, the world's best scientists-researchers-doctors are relentlessly pursuing the discovery of healing of paralysis. Since the main cause of paralysis is the spinal cord (spinal cord) in the spine, how the spinal cord works, how it can be secured or the injured cord can be cured, it has been a cause for researchers' headache for a long time.

    But recently Dr. Sergio Canavero has discovered a breakthrough in the field of medical science. He plans to cut, repair, and add spinal cord to the magnetic observer.This will cost more than half a million dollars (about 130 crore taka in Bangladeshi money) in a surgery!

    He has already succeeded in carrying out this surgery on the body of a dead body in China, now to see the survivors! Of course, his initiative is not well accepted by everyone.

    According to many, his discovery will disrupt the discipline of nature, bring calamity.Because the people who are so fortunate enough, they can change their body.

    Imagine, a man who has lived in the old age and has been living in another young age, has survived the age of the old age. Although there may be some story of fiction, according to Doctor Kennifer, something that is going to happen in the future is going to happen.

    Wi-Fi around the world!

    If we go to the villages, we have to face problems with the Internet , almost all of us.Yet the Internet has not reached the 50% remote area of ​​Asia, Africa or even Europe.But this problem will not be too soon! On behalf of Virgin Group, OneWeb, a company named, has been working to bring the entire world under Wi-Fi within just ten years.

    They will throw 10 satellites in 2018, and will enclose the world within 2027 of the OneWeb 900 satellites! All the ends of the world- the desert, the sea, the peak of the mountain, the Wi-Fi will reach the Girikhata, and nobody will ever have to face problems in the internet.

    Six number of fingers!

    Hrithik Roshan's two handfuls of fingers will be seen in the right hand! Although the extra finger is not working, scientists have now invented such technology that, in addition to the two additional finger hooks can be used to attach a mechanical finger.

    " Through Bluetooth, it will be able to handle it as a real finger "

    Daniel Clode, a New Zealand designer, has created a finger with a wristwatch that can be attached to your wrist with a 3D printer (3D printer is a wonderful thing, nowadays people are printing it from the clothes to the pistol!)!

    Six fingers
    Six fingers 

    There will be a sensor on your legs through the Bluetooth, which will be able to handle it like a real finger! This technique is expected to bring about some revolution in cases where music, surgery, etc. require fine fingers.

    Google will recognize cancer

    Google X Laboratory has been working for the advancement of medical science for a long time. Nano-technology and medicine work together on both of these fields, discovering the best of Google's research lab, the new addition to this list- Cancer Identification PillIn most cases, the diagnosis of cancer in the early stages is much more likely to cure it, as late as possible to detect, the greater the risk of death.

    Unfortunately, very few people regularly check up the medical checkup (even one percent of our people do not have regular check-up), so the initial rate of cancer rate is very low. So the expectation of all this is because Google's pill will play a great role in preventing cancer.

    Nano- technology name implies understanding of all the benefits of fine-tuning technology ! Google researchers have not been able to make this pill useful for everyone, because it is very difficult to control the small nano particles properly, and this can cause irregularities in human particles! So we have to wait for this pill for cancer detection for a few more days.

    Technology can be mixed on the skin!

    Professor Zhenan Bao and his team of Stanford University's chemical engineering have recently discovered the world's first electronic bio-optical system, which will be mixed with skin after use!

    One day, without any smartphone / computer, all of the technical tasks can be cleansed through the skin! Unusual thin, almost weightless, and not harmful for the body, this technology, the researchers expressed hope that it would be possible to unravel the many mysteries of the human body.

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