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    How can my blog be approved by AdSense? Follow Google AdSense Rules on Your Blog— Blogs 71

    Follow Google AdSense Rules on Your Blog—
    Google AdSense Rules

    Follow Google AdSense Rules on Your Blog—

    Google AdSense may be a well-liked diary validation tool as a result of it is simple to hitch the AdSense program, straightforward to integrate ads into your diary, and also the ads do not take up plenty of area. However, Google has rules you want to follow to avoid being prohibited from the AdSense program.


    Don't Boost Clicks by artificial means

    Clicks on Google ads should occur due to true user interest. Google AdSense publishers will by artificial means boost the quantity of clicks on Google AdSense ads that seem on their sites, however Google frowns on this behavior and terminates the AdSense accounts of people World Health Organization do the following: 

    • Click on AdSense links on your own diary

    • Ask others to click on the AdSense links on your diary

    • Use any reasonably automatic method to extend clicks, whether or not you produce the method or a 3rd party will it for you

    • Join with a bunch of individuals to click on AdSense ads on member's diary or web site.

    • Pay a personal or company to click on your ads

    Use verbiage like "Visit these links," "Support United States of America," or "Click the ads"

    Additionally, Google doesn't permit ad placement on adult, violent, drug-related, or malware sites. a whole description of the kinds of prohibited sites is listed within the AdSense Program Policies.


    Don't show a lot of Ads Than Content

    Google now not limits the quantity of ads you'll be able to place on one diary or webpage, however it still places restrictions. Googlereserves the proper to limit ads or ban AdSense accounts on web content it considers unacceptable including:

    • Pages that contain less content than advertising
    • Pages that square measure mechanically generated
    • Pages with no content.


    Don't Ignore Webmaster Quality pointers

    Google might not permit ads on blogs or web content that do not follow the AdSense webmaster quality pointers. They include:

    Blog and webpage homeowners should give relevant content.Blog publishers cannot duplicate constant content on many domains or subdomains.The diary or webpage should not exist alone to draw in search engines.


    Don't produce over One AdSense Account

    It might be tempting to form separate Google AdSense accounts and publish ads from each accounts on constant diary, however doing therefore may be a violation of Google policies. whereas you'll be able to add over one diary or web site to your Google AdSense account, you'll not have over one actual account.


    Don't try and Trick Readers Into Thinking AdSense Ads aren't Ads

    Hiding text link ads at intervals the content of your diary posts to create readers suppose they don't seem to be ads may be a violation of Google AdSense policies. Bottom line: do not try and disguise ads to extend clicks.

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