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    If you want to be successful, follow these four suggestions of the holy Quran.
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    If you want to be successful, follow these four suggestions of the holy Quran.

    If we want to be successful - we are doing a lot of work plans to succeed. We have run away for success. To be successful, there are only four things to be mindful of. If any of these four things can dominate, then any person can become extraordinary - in this world and in the hereafter. In the second and third verse of Surah Asr'Allah, Allah has told us these four things. So let's know the four things:

    1. Believe: 

    "Faith" means the word "Faith". If you want success in the afterlife, you will have to believe in what has been revealed to Allah Almighty, His Messenger (peace be upon him) and the Prophet (peace be upon him). And to achieve success in this life, we have to believe - "I am insha 'Allah' '. Do not give up.


    Wall 'Asher Ina-Ana-no luffi is okay. Ilallazina A-Manu ... (Surah Asar 1/2)


    The oath of the time, of course, people are immersed in extreme losses. Except those who believe ...

    2. Do what needs to be done: 

    Many times we are such that we do not want to pray, we do not want to pray, we do not even want to read Qur'an Majid - but since Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him) asked us to do these deeds So they have to do this.

    Similarly, there are some routine work for success in the world, we have to do it. The day on which a student would like to sit, he must sit down to read, even on the day he does not like to sit; A job worker will work on the day that he will sit on the job, but he will have to work on the office for the sake of not working attention. What should be done is to do it, if you do not see the fruits of tomorrow or tomorrow, then the results of the next will be found exactly.

    وعملوا الصالحات


    Wa 'Amilus Swaliha-ti ... (Surah Asr 3)


    Those who work well

    3. Learn something new: 

    Allaah has said in verse 28 of Surah Fatir of the Qur'an Majid - إنما يخشى الله من عباده العلماء إن الله عزيز غفور "Among the servants of Allah, those are the ones who have knowledge." As you know about Islam, the daily worship will gradually become meaningful to you. Prayer-fasting does not seem to be just a matter of routine work for you, but you will continue to taste the sweet taste of these worshipers.

    In the life of the world, the person is as successful as the one who can contribute most to change the fate of other people. And if you want to benefit from others, you must first develop yourself. To say good things to others, you have to learn good things before.

    وتواصوا بالحق


    Watar wa-saub al-hakki ... (Surah Asr 3)


    Provide proper advice to each other

    4. Come to the benefit of the people: 

    Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the most faithful and well-deserved people of Makkah before being a Prophet. The Prophet (peace be upon him) spent all his life in the development of the fate of other people. Whatever little money we have, we will help people by doing it, whatever little effort we have, we will help people. The less you learn, share it with others. Try to benefit all the people including family, friends, neighbors. I will not seek rewards from anyone, I will seek reward only to Allah.

    This way of helping people is not sweet, friend. Many criticisms-will listen to the cheek, see many ungrateful people, can sometimes fall into financial or social problems - but be patient. No matter how small, I will give it according to my ability. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, save half of date palm but save yourself from the fire of Hell (Bukhari).

    وتواصوا بالصبر


    Watar wa-saubis patience. (Surah Asr-3)


     They advise each other with patience.

    If we do not do these four things described in verse-second verse we will be drowned in serious losses. Allaah has imposed four things on these works to mean the extreme fear of the loss of these losses.

    One. In the first verse Allah took oath of time. By Allah, it is very important that the promise of Allah is very significant.

    Two Allah has stressed the importance of starting the sentence "Inna". The word "inna" means "surely".

    Three Allaah has added "La" before "Fee" before "Feel free" (Surely the man is in loss). This "la" means "must". So when Allah said "Inner life, find the laugh", it means "Surely humans are in loss".

    Four. Allah started the third sentence with "Ilaa" ("except for" except "or" Except "). When a sentence starts with Ilaah, it increases the importance of the previous sentence. For example, if 95 of 100 students fail in a class, then the teacher will say - "The students of this class have dropped, except for a few" Likewise, Allah also wants to say that most people are in loss, there are only a few people who are on the right track.

    If a faithful clerk in our office does not call once or twice, four times in a phone call - "Friend, Mohakhali has an accident on the road, a great jam, do not forget that way, go around" - then we can not take the streets of Mahakhali sure to return home. And, when our Lord, Lord instructed us to do some thing in the same verse four times, how disobedient we disobeyed that command!

    Imam Shafi'i It was said that if only people thought about this Surah (Surah Asr), that would have been enough for them.

    Patience is like a light for a believer

    Believers will not break any danger. Pray for help from Allah with patience. It is said in the Hadith that patience

    Narrated from Abu Malik Hareseth Ibn Asim al-Ashrafi (R), Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: 'Half of Holiness Faith And 'Alhamdulillah' fulfilled the period of time. Subhan Allah and Al-Hamdulillah both filled the sky and filled the space near the earth. Prayer is Jyoti. Charity is a proof. Patience-patience is light. The Qur'an will prove to be against you or against you. Every man gets up and sells himself in the morning. Then he liberates or destroys himself. '(Muslim Sharif)

    Narrated by Abu Yahya Suhaib bin Sina (ra), Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, 'I am very surprised at the faith of the person. All his works are well-being. There is no good luck to any other than a believer. If any thing is achieved with happiness or happiness, then he will be grateful to Allah. As a result, its welfare will be. And if he touches any danger, then he will be patient. It will also get its welfare. "(Muslim Sharif)

    Lessons from the two hadith: 

    The external aspects of humanity are purity. And the belief in the heart is the indirect matter which is inaccessible. Belief in both unnatural and outward appearances. That is the sacrament as half of the faith. The Virtues of Tasbeeh (Subhan Allah) and Tahmid (Alhamdulillah). The merits of the period are in its merits.

    Prayer exalts the heart of the believer and his face. This prayer will serve as a photocopy for the grave and humble person. Patience is like a light for a believer.

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