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Income from ebook / blog.
Income from ebook 

Income from ebook / blog. 

Ebook is a very popular method of earning. If you are a good writer, you can earn easily by typing eBook. Income from Ebook is an ongoing process. You will get as much profit as your book sells. If you can succeed in this way, a book will give you lifetime profit.

Google Adsense is very difficult to get approved for new blog users, so what will be the meaning of the new bloggers with the little visitor will stop earning?

No There are alternatives like Google Adsense for new bloggers, named "Clickers". Click here is an affiliate of advertisers who provide advertisements for publishers, or bloggers, bloggers continue to advertise this advertisement through their blogs and earn from it just like Google Adsense. Clicking is a great way for beginners, which can make you easily earn money. Register new bloggers with click here.

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