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The easiest way to stop 'nose'

The easiest way to stop 'nose'

The nostalgic sleep disorder has happened in most people's lives. Noses may be called in sleep because of various reasons. Do not worry about it, because it is not a permanent problem. Let's know if the nose is called and what can be done to overcome this problem.

Why the nose call:

1. The nose may be called when the body is overweight and muscles weak.
2. As long as the human angle increases, the groin becomes too narrow. As a result the nose begins.
3. Normally men's traps are narrower than women. And this is why men's nose problems are very high.
4. If the nose has polyps or sinusus problems then nose may start.
5. Regular drinking, smoking, and sleeping medicine started to be called nose.
6. Long tension pulls down and many others call nose. The muscles are not dragged around the throat. Becomes loose. As a result, it is difficult to get relief from the throat.

Air respiratory traction in air respiratory to the nose call people Changes to these practices are possible by bringing some changes in the way of living. Most people who call nose mostly suffer from slip apnea condition.

Reduce it by adopting what methods

1. Change sleep position

If you do not get stuck, then call the nose in the back of the tongue. Sleep on the side of any side

2. Open nostril

When the nose is closed, people call more noses. So before bathing, take a bath in hot water. Clean the nose well and go to sleep. Take the nasal strip if necessary.

Do not forget to use home-made antibiotics - be careful

3. Close Alcohol

Reduces the elasticity of the flesh on the back of the throat. Four hours before sleeping, do not eat alcohol completely.

4. Maintain water balance

The nose is hydrated all day when the water arrives properly. As a result, people call fewer noses.

5. Heads up a little

The head will take a little over an extra pillow. It will get rid of nose calls.

6. Weight loss

Muds are more prone to nose. Keep weight control through healthy diet and exercise.

7. Practice good sleeping habits

Those who do not sleep well they call more noses. Apart from this, less sleep than other diseases in the body. 8 hours a day is so important to sleep.

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