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    The entrepreneurs should read these 10 books
    read these 10 books

    The entrepreneurs should read these 10 books

    The entrepreneurs who have come up with their dreams are the entrepreneurs. They all look forward to ignoring uncertainty in life and going forward. That is to say, dreams show their way. But suddenly there is no entrepreneur. Behind this, strict perseverance, proper use of time and intent to fulfill a specific goal.

    Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos have been following the entrepreneurs of today's day. They have made technology to change the world. They have changed the lives of people in such a way that nobody could think of them at that time.

    To be a successful entrepreneur, there must be a little ahead of the others. And that's why it needs lots of education, resources. As well as learning from around, the organizers learned books. Even bill gates still regularly read books in the midst of a busy circle. The list of 10 books that entrepreneurs should read is the Business Journalist Business Insider, which you are promoting for.

    1. The Fountain Head:

    Ian Rand Billionaire Mark Cuban told Business Insider that 'this book should be read only for all entrepreneurs'. It is the favorite book of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures partner Charlie O'Donnell. He said, "I do not know if the entrepreneurs have to be dreamed and dared to be so beautifully described in any other book. The entrepreneurs should keep in mind what will prevent you from thinking about who will help you, which will work for them.

    2. The Effective Executive:

    Mr. Peter Jeff Bezos, Chief Executive of Peter Dracoz, advises his senior managers to read more than two books including this book. Writer Peter Drakor has learned to think more about office management. In addition, the executives of the executives wrote details about the decision-making process.

    3. The Inventors Dilemma:

    This is another favorite book by Clapton Christensen Jeff Bezos. He also advised the staff to always read It is a very favorite book for the entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneur Steve Blanc said about the book, "The reason why big organizations show up to behave like dinosaurs is a reasonable reason and answer Clayton has answered. He think entrepreneurs must read the book. Then they will understand how to deal with the big rivals in the market, read this book. '

    4. Business Adventure:

    John Brooks is a very favorite book by Bill Gates. Warren Buffett in this book advised him to read it in 1991. Microsoft founder Bill Gates said about the book, 'Entrepreneurs have some strengths and weaknesses in all businesses. Entrepreneurs always have to work with the challenge. But business adventures book will be useful to entrepreneurs in all situations, he said.

    5. Benjamin Franklin:

    It is a favorite book by Walter Isacson car maker Tesla's chief executive and Billionaire Alon Musk. Mooke said about the book, "When reading the book you can understand why Franklin was an entrepreneur. Franklin started his work from absolutely nothing. He also ran away from home. "Walter Isaksson's scientist Einstein's biography" Einstein: Hey's Life and the Universe " You will try to read this book.

    6. Think and Gro Rich:

    Diamond Junk, co-founder of Napoleon Hill Fashion House, said about the book, 'Think and Grow Rich - the book has changed my life. This book has taught me a lot, taught how to set my own goals. We do not succeed because most of our people do not have the goal. '

    7. Kinship Capitalism:

    According to John McKee and Kip Tyndale, co-founder and chief executive of Raj Sisodia The Container Store, this book must be a book book for entrepreneurs and businessmen. Kip Tyndale said, 'Everyone wants profit, no one wants losses. Business schools have done a lot of research on this, teaching students, but describing the best way to raise profits in this book. '

    8. As A Man Thought:

    James Allen Hedge Fund's Executive Coach Tony Robins said, "I've read more than 12 times as a man at man. The language of the book is fluent and very specific. It will teach you a lot. '

    9. Things Hide Scene The Foundation of the World:

    René Gerard French philosopher Renny Gerard's book is a favorite with PayPal's co-founder Peter Thiel. According to Peter Thiel, at Stanford University, the book was first read by the undergraduate. According to him, 'There are two things to learn very well from this book. First, while organizing the competition, many of the organizers move away from their goals. Secondly, competition is not always a measure of your eligibility, but if you want to know these things, then you want to read the book. '

    10. Sourly Yu Joking Mr. Fennen:

    Richard P. Sergey Brin, co-founder of Fennin Google, said, "Richard Feynman's autobiography is always inspiring me, it has worked for me. That's why I got myself involved in technology and creative work. "In 1965 Richard P. received the Nobel Prize in Physics for working with quantum electrodynamics. Foamman

    According to Brin, 'He was successful in his work, and he was also a liberal man. In the book, he wrote that he wanted to be a scientist and artist like Leonardo da Vinci. This has inspired me very much. Maybe you also need it. I think this kind of dream fulfills your life. '

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