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    The spices that reduce the risk of cancer
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    The spices that reduce the risk of cancer

    Reduce some spices cancers risk Let's know there is no spice that plays a role in preventing mortality like cancer.

    Chili and capsicum

    This food contains tons of anti-cancer content. Of course, doctors are advised to eat excessive rice. Leukemia does not allow the spread of tumor cells in the capsicum.


    Ginger reduces harmful cholesterol in the body. Apart from raising the taste of food, its components fight against cancer.


    Many people do not know much about this spice. Oregon is used in the pizza or pasta we eat. It works to prevent prostate cancer as well as increase the taste of food. Only one cup of oregano contain quercetin that helps in the prevention of diseases that cause cancer.


    The spice that is most commonly used in cooking in our country is cinnamon. Only half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder will help you stay cancer free. This spice prevents the growth of the tumor.


    Jirao but a spice is very useful for the body. Which helps a lot in food digestion. There are also elements of thymeokin, which prevents prostate cancer.


    It contains natural carotenoid decorboxylic acid, whose name is Croctenic. It is a very good element in cancer prevention. Zafran or Safran can give tumor size to almost half of the time in a short time.


    If you do not use any of the food on the sesame seeds, then go ahead. One does not only increase the taste, its polyphenal content is very effective against prostate cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, brain tumors, leukemia.

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