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What is a robot? How does robots work?
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Introduction to robots

Robot is an electronic device or device. Robot is an automated system controlled by computers, which can work as well as the way a person works, or if you look at its type of work, you will have the artificial intelligence. The robots have a multidimensional definition. Simply put, a machine or device that can help itself in human work and is used as a substitute for manifold work, so the robot. The word Robotics  originates from the Czech word 'robota'. The meaning of the word robot is a forced labor or an instrument that can work or work for slavery or boredom.

How does robots work?

Robot is a modern device or device. It can move with different types of tools and can act like a human. People are stunned to work, but robots never stop working. Robots are capable of working according to the instructions given to them.

Modern or Advanced or Digital Robot

With the development of technology, at the same time in every level of human life, the use of robots is increasingly increasing.

Say for example

Running robots;

Mobile robots are able to rotate around them. Speaking of AGV as an example of mobile robot, which is being used in auto-guided vehicles nowadays. The AGV is a mobile robot under which the marker or cable follows or uses the vision or laser to operate the robot.

Mobile robots are available in industry, military and security environments. Mobile robots are used for specific purposes such as displaying, entertaining, or cleaning vacuum as consumer products. Mobile robots are a major focus on current research and one or more laboratories of almost every major university, which basically focuses on mobile robot research.

Mobile robots are generally used in strictly controlled environments, such as the lines of assembly, we can say that if someone unexpectedly interferes, they are able to respond. For this reason most people rarely encounter robots. However, domestic robots are being used extensively for cleaning and maintenance around the middle of the developed countries. Robots are also available in military applications or can be found.

Robots used in various industrial factories

Robots used in various industrial factories are usually made up of a joint and a permanent surface is attached to it. One of the most common types of producers is the gripper assembly.

In the International Organization for Standardization, iOS 8373, a manipulate industrial robot is defined as:

"Automatically controlled, reprogrammed, versatile, manipulator programmable which can be applied in more than three or more axes, which can be used in automated automation applications".

This definition is being used by the International Federation of Robotics, European Robotics Research Network (Euro) and many national standards committees.

What is the service robot?

Robots used in our various industries are made of robotic arms and manipules that are used mainly for production and distribution. The term "service robot" is not specific. The International Federation of Robotics has proposed an experimental definition, "A service robot is a robot that is semi-complete or fully autonomous organization that is suitable for the convenience of people and equipment, but they are beyond production."

It will be talked about using robots in education,

Basically these robots are used as educational assistant for teachers. Since the 1980s, the tortoise-like robots were used in schools and programmed using the logo language. There are many robot kites, such as Lego Mindstorms, BioLoad, Ollo, which originate from robotics. Besides, Botbelrain educational robots can also help children learn mathematics, physics, programming and electronics. Robotics has been introduced in the form of robot competition for the first time in primary and high school students, known as FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). This company is known to be known for its first Robotics Competition, FIRST LEGO League, Junior First LEGO League, and FIRST Tech Challenge competitions.

There are also more devices that look like robots: for example, Leachim (1974) and 2-XL (1976). Apart from this, a robot can be played / learning toy based on 8-track tape player by Michael J. Freeman.

What is the modular robot?

Modular robots are a new species of robots designed by their architecture, design and modularizing. Comparison of modular robot functionality and performance compared to conventional robots is much easier. These robots are made of single type, multiple identical modules or similar shaped modules. Their architectural structures provide hyper-reddensiveness as they are designed to be 8-degree free independence (DOF). Modular robots are more complex than other traditional robots created by programming using kinetics and dynamics. Modular robots can be composed of L-shaped modules, cubic modules, and U and H-shaped modules.

Industrial robot is a type of robot that can communicate safely and effectively with human workers while performing artwork. However, whether there is any risk of environmental conditions, it should be evaluated before using industrial motion control applications or it is necessary. Denmark's Universal Robots are currently manufacturing the most robots used in the industry.

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