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6 Psychology Tips for Increasing Product Sales
Product Sales

6 Psychology Tips for Increasing Product Sales

Have you ever wondered why the logo of the famous companies is why so much color is used?  If you notice well, most of the restaurants logo uses red color, such as: UKFC, KFC, McDonald, Burger King etc.  According to psychologists, seeing the red color of the restaurant logo increases the man's hunger, leading to the increase of food sales.

However, not only these companies, there are many companies who are increasing their purchases using psychology and it is working.  But what if your business can enter the buyer's head?  Which types of psychiatry can you easily use, to sell your product?  Let's know, about some of the psychology tips that will make it easier to increase your business sales.

Use the feeling on any product

Have you ever bought a product that forced you to buy out of your emotions?  We have always cheated on the feeling of buying a product for a while.  It's normal.  According to Antonio Damasio, a professor of neuroscience at Southern California University, the contribution of feeling is much more in the field of buying almost everything in our lives.  From a small chocolate to the dream of buying a home-car, almost everything has contributed to the feeling.

Most of us do not look at the advantages or disadvantages of a product, feelings tend to run us.  In most cases, the company's tagline or subtitle or marketing technique will see that they are playing with your feelings.  They are manipulating the emoticon.  So, in order to sell a product, take your customers out of the feeling that is related to that product, without praising that product.  Use it to do marketing.

Show social evidence

Occasionally, at the time of crossing the road, did you see a restaurant or shop where Manosh is standing on the line?  And then you have come to your head, "What's going on inside?  It is necessary to see once! "That is the social proof.  When people around you see this line, almost everyone will think the same thing and make the line bigger.  And by doing this the value of that store will increase naturally.

Our idea of ​​how much of your company's value is increased by such social evidence.  Similarly you can show your social evidence online.  Online reviews of customers on your website or Facebook page, as well as testimonials, ratings, etc. are as good as possible to keep you buyers.  Seismal Research has found that nearly 95 percent of buyers watched online reviews and then bought something from that store.

Create 'fear for a limited time'

Many people call it FOMO - Fear of Missing Out Effect.  It is often seen today that at every store or online shop, we wait for the Black Friday or Cyber ​​Money or discounts.  And it took quite a good deal of every shopkeeper.  You can do this also to increase the sales of your product or service.  In this case, inform the person about the discounting of your product through poster or online.  By doing this, they will be more focused on the discount.

In many shops, you will see that '50 percent discount' or 'This is the last chance to buy the product.' These offers but buyers are very much liked.  And they will buy products from you for these offers.  Because, when they want to buy a product, they value the price of the product by matching the value of the other products.  And if you offer them a good offer to your product, then they can easily buy your products.

Use action responses

Think, there are about 20 different types of food in a restaurant's menu.  But only fifteen types of food are going well and the rest of the five types of food are not being sold.  After a while, the owner of the restaurant made a proclamation.  He said, "If anyone consumes any of these two meals for ten days continuously, they will be packed with three types of food free of cost."

After this announcement, the demand for these five types of food began to increase in the restaurant.  At one time the buyers started to eat more than five types of food.  This kind of psychological methodology is called 'action reaction theory.' Buyers simply do not like to buy food with money, but everyone likes to have some discount or benefit.

Goldilocks Effect

We all know the story of Goldilocks, is not it?  Goldilocks once saw a house of three bears while walking in a forest.  Goldilocks came in a lot of walks and so he entered the room and went to the kitchen.  There he saw three bowls of honey.  Because the first bowl honey is too hot, it does not play, because the second banana honey is cold, she does not play it, and the third bowl honey is a little warm and it is cold because she came to eat it.

Similarly, a customer will not want to purchase additional cheap or extra-expensive products, as Goldilocks does not pick the perfect hot pot or the cold pot of honey.  And that's why you must keep the 'Middle Option'.

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