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full guideline of freelancing
full guideline of freelancing

The full guideline of freelancing

The job market is quite poor.  About 47% of the educated population is unemployed here.  Because there is not enough job fields to be created here.  And so there are freelancing or pessimists in an honorable position as an alternative profession.  Freelancing one of the many online promotions.

Bangladesh is in a very good position or sector in the freelancing sector.  Working with skilled professionals in the world is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  There are more than five million freelancers in Bangladesh.
There is so much potential in freelancing.  But there are a lot of misconceptions about this, and these misconceptions have been developed by capitalizing the mischief businessman's deceit trap.  All this will be discussed in this article.

Freelancing is an organization that does not have permanent agreement and work in different project bases.  People have been freelancing for hundreds of years.  Like a rickshaw freelancer, because he runs another rickshaw, if he wants to take the passenger, it does not take him.  There is his Freedom.  Freelancers are currently employed, because they do not hire a photographer anywhere, instead of shooting at the program baisis and taking a fee.

Online freelancing means that the client will work online, you will be contracted to work, do the job with your skills and deliver it to the client through online.  Finally, the client will pay you online.  Here but you did not work online, work done by your expertise.  Only the medium of work is online.

Now there is a lot of business, training fraud in the name of outsourcing-freelancing.  Most training centers open up the training center to teach Google-YouTube or other languages ​​after reading the memorandera.

Think of it, you can give a mentorship to succeed, that is, successful in that work itself.  But who does not work on his own, how can he train you?  And who is skilled, who himself is successful, earning a lot of money, many reputations, why he will be able to earn 5-10 thousand taka by doing trading business?  If he could give the key to succeeding another, he would have earned millions of dollars himself.  Where's his time?

If the owners or trainers of these training centers look for backgrounds, they may have conducted courses in any other training center themselves and then they have been able to earn their income by learning what they have learned because they can not become proficient in that work.

If you notice, these training sessions are meant to be freelancing SEO and this type of simple tasks are meant.  But an expert SEO professional can tell you 10% of SEO in this training and not taught.  Because the trainers teach from the downloaded course which has been outdated a few years ago.  And new updates are coming up every day in this sector.  Again complete SEO work is less than 1% of all digital marketing work.  That means there are 99% more jobs in which there are no Bangladeshi people.

Think once, if 1% of digital marketing work is 10,000 jobs available then if the Bengali were to concentrate on 99% of the work, then how much jobs would have been created?  Remember, one of the branches of marketing and advertising is digital marketing and the other is offline or physical marketing.  And SEO is only one percent of digital marketing.  It is understandable that only how much jobs can be created in the digital marketing sector.

Freelancing is not easy but easy.  A successful freelancer's income but not less.  If a successful freelancer tells you the story behind the success, you will give him the title 'Legend'.  Because the story behind success is not pleasant, there are many struggles.  Night after night, learn a job, watch YouTube tutorials, post blog posts, practice things, and spend months waiting to be able to work efficiently without patience, these are the ones behind one's success.

When I talk about freelancing, I always give an example.  That is, suppose you are reading BBA.  About Finance  It takes 4 years for university to complete the study.  By studying 4 years, you apply as a fresher in a job, whose celery is 15-20 thousand taka.  Many times the application is due, because hundreds of other applications are applied.  Finally get a job.  For the job of 15-20 thousand rupees, he studied 4 years without thinking twice.  After completing his studies, he started competing for a local job with others in the same city, who did his level of education.

Think of it, Freelancing.  An American company outsource their job to a company through a marketplace.  The project of 2 weeks, whose value is about $ 1,000 or Bangladeshi money about 80 to 85 thousand taka.  The work is open for freelancers all over the world, world top professionals have applied for work, you also did.  That means?  Where is your competition level?

Yes it is true that freelancing can earn millions.  The first light has been reported, in the year 2018, only freelancers from the Sylhet have brought the Vedic currency with around 8 million.  But they did not come so far in the course of 2 months.  They insisted on learning not to earn money at least a year!

Freelancing is basically for whom?

Those who do not have extra greed.
Those who have patience to learn to work.
Those who know communications like working at the international level.
Those who do not want to earn money in shortcut. They have a strong will to do something in life.
Those who have the tendency to learn.

Freelancing is not for whom?

Those who evaluate Taka than work.
Those are looking for ways to easily earn.
Those who think of Freelancing as a side income or other career as well as other professionals.
Those who think that the 15 days of the beginning of the lessons - within 1 month, earn money.
Those who are interested in the profession of freelancing training center's 'Millions of Rupees in the House' look attractive.
Those who think freelancing very easy.

How to start freelancing?  How come this way?

First of all, we need to know which fields are in this sector.  Below are all fields to work in various Marketplace.  See that.
Then think about the background, skill and interest you now have;  Any field match with that.
Look at the jobs posted in those fields in different freelance marketplaces, try to understand what the skill takes in this kind of work.
Now try to learn from where.  Remember, freelancing can be learned online but only if you have patience.  In this country, the first-rate freelancers are successful in learning the self.
However, it is not possible to complete a single skill alone, and therefore you will have to accept somebody's advice. Try to make mistakes, try to correct the mistakes and try them again.  Do not do the job that you did not do, do the work yourself, the project will be practice as well, portfolio will be portfolios.
Practice patience to make yourself more skillful.

Before becoming a freelancer, you need to know the quality that is most important to you, before you can ask someone to try to learn the net.  Because he can give you advice, he is very busy himself, without asking him about all the small things, nothing would be possible without annoying him.

I wrote this hundred words myself before writing the word.  We tried to write in conformity with our reality.  There are so many things that I have brought from other authors.  The reason that what we first search in Google or Yahoo at the beginning is 'Bengali Tutorial'.  There are many problems in our English now  This is the result of learning from some Facebook groups or training centers in English.  Where English is mesmerized you.  If there were some books that would have been really learning English, English would have been more common in Bengal than in this country.

But that did not happen.  Because, reading some books or reading a few posts in the Facebook group or learning English from some low quality coaching centers is not possible.  Similarly, the same thing can be said in the case of freelancing.  I myself read thousands of pages and thousands of blog posts from class 12 (year 2012).  Only for learning freelancing  I'm in the freelancing world for 5 years today.  So far, how much money I have earned, how much work I did, I did not even have time to count.  Now I'm working on making some ideas realistic.  Any freelancer can freely start 3-4 years of freelancing and start own company in that field.

I have researched freelancing, working in different sectors, I have walked with different people in different sectors.  So, as a guideline, we have been able to discuss several fields of the industry.  But this does not mean that I am experienced and efficient in every field.  It is not possible for anyone to advise the advanced level with all the fields, so these questions or questions should be avoided.

Different types of work are required to work in different marketplaces.  Here I will name the names of a few fields that work on most of you will find work in the marketplace.  The fields that are freelancing in the freelancing industry, and the fields that are intelligent and useful are:

Data Entry, Graphics Design, Website Design, Translation, Software Development, HTML, PHP, Digital Marketing, WordPress, Article Writing, Copying, Creative Writing, SEO, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Software Architecture, Microsoft Office, Android, AngularJS,  Javascript, Book Keepers, C Sharp Development, Customer Service Representatives, Im  Il Marketing, Social Media Marketing, iOS development, Objectif C Development, Python, Swift, U, I, U X, virtual assistant, Web Design and Development, etc.

Those who have problems understanding something or who want to make a comment, they can report it in the comments box below.

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