Why do you come to sleep to read? What is the way to get rid of it?

Why do you come to sleep to read
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Why do you come to sleep to read?  What is the way to get rid of it?

Suppose you are reading.  Whether it's a textbook, or just a story-novel book.  But after reading a few pages he could not move forward.  Because of your sleeping eyes are coming to your eyes.  It seems that the state's fatigue has come in the body.  Nothing could be more urgent than sleep now for you.  Thus, despite the mental preparedness and pre-plan all day, it was not possible to read very long.

Think, it's just you?  Not at all.  Millions of people in this world suffer from this problem.  They can work hundreds of hard work all day, but when they start reading the book, they are niggarded by sleeping attacks.  What is the reason behind this?  Scandal?  Regardless of it?  Do not mind sitting at the table reading?

No, we have found these reasons to wake up, but the experts have found various scientific reasons behind it.  First, when reading books, the eyes are always focused on the leaves of the book, and every moment the eye has to move from left to right, then from right to left.  Not only that, the brain has to create meaningful words, sentences and paragraphs, and to understand what they are meant to do, through their eyes.  Again reading textbook increases the pressure as an added challenge to remember the contents of the future for the future.  While studying in this way, the muscles of the eye constantly become tired as they are tired, while performing many tasks at once, the brain also bursts.  Both the eyes and the brain need rest.  And what could be a better rest than sleep!  So gradually the eyelids become heavy, and the need to sleep in the brain continues to be available.

One more important thing is that, while reading, many want to create a comfortable situation for themselves.  Many people fall asleep, while others rest on the body of a rest.  They seem to be easy to read in such a way.  But the reality is different.  When the body is introduced to a comfortable feeling, the brain takes it that it is time to rest only.  However, if one goes to do a work of mental effort, then the brain revolts.  As a result, excessive fatigue and sleeping sensation are felt.

Because of this sleep, many of the whole career is wasted.  The next day, more than half syllabus is still left, but due to sleep, it was not possible to read long before the examinations - many people have to face such a horrific situation.  As a result, after examining the next day or sitting in the heart of the mind, whatever you want, there is no way to write it.  So now the question is, what is the way to get rid of this horrible problem of sleeping?

There are several effective ways to make sure that you do not sleep while reading.  Let's know what that means.

Keep the reading room illuminated

Many students fail to read the biggest mistake that is to burn only a table lamp.  Yes, the light of the table lamp may be enough to see what is written on the book page, and burning of other lighting lights in the house may seemingly end up in electricity.  But the matter is, when you burn only the table lamp, most of the room will be submerged in the dark, which will lead to a comfortable environment, and will affect your brain for the rest.  For this reason, it is important to keep the entire room illuminated beyond the requirement.

Sit in the chair, sit in the chair and read

 You are sitting in a seat or posture, it is also very important.  Because studies do not work for a little while, in many cases you may have to spend hours.  So you should sit back in a chair that can be reclined, leaving the book in the front table, which will always keep you alert, will not let your attention get disturbed.  On the other hand, if you sit on the bed, lie down or become half-masted, your nerves will gradually get stagnant from the freeze, and once you get to sleep.  So sit on the chair-table, and have to move the nerves after a few consecutive steps.  After every half an hour you can walk in a five-minute break.

Avoid heavy foods

Any person, after taking heavy meals, feels lazy, and wants to bring the body to bed.  Basically, when you have finished eating a full stomach, you get a little bit of desire to feel comfortable in your mind, and you have a lot to keep your eyes open.  On the other hand, if the stomach is not fully filled, the desire for this excessive desire of the body can not be created, but instead he can concentrate full on the subject.  Many people say, it is better to get hungry.  But in that case, you can only rotate the thoughts of eating on your head again.  So, rather than having to eat completely, it will be wise to sit at a moderate meal.

Drink plenty of water

There is nothing new about the need for drinking water.  It is also equally useful for study.  If you drink plenty of water then your brain will be moist, so it will be easy to read and remember.  But there is also a practical side to drinking lots of water.  The more water you drink, the more you need to go to the bathroom.  If you have to go to the bathroom once every hour, then your body will be running.  As a result, there will be no fear of falling asleep without knowing yourself.  Even when falling asleep, the discomfort of urine will break very quickly.

Follow 'Early to Bed, Early to Rise'

Everyone has read, Early to Bed and Early to Rise, Make a Man Helde, Wellie and Wise.  In fact, there can be nothing more true than this, and it is more effective in the study of concentration.  If you go to sleep early at night, you will have enough sleep.  The next morning you will be able to become physically and mentally retarded.  Suddenly there will not be any fatigue, and you will not be bothered or depressed due to your sleep better.  By doing this, you can again get the highest concentration of education.

Receive 'Power NAP'

It is not possible to fall all day long.  If you fall asleep for a while in the reading phase, then your body may turn fresh again.  That's why it is called the Power NAP.  You can take this power nap anytime, but it is best to sleep a little while at noon.  Many people are not supposed to sleep at noon, but they are certainly not aware of a student's tight schedule.  A student has to start reading that morning, then many classes.  At night, there is a matter of preparation for his own reading and the next day.  So it is not only helpful for him or her to sleep a little while in the afternoon, but it is very important to keep the body alive.  Otherwise, it is not possible for someone to continue studying from dawn to nights.  If you are studying continuously for a few days, you will be able to get healthy education.

Keep body organs alert and alert

When you sit down in the same post and study for hours, then naturally you will feel lazy, you will have a little sleep.  So you should get to sleep whenever you get up, come out of the chair, or walk outside for a while.  Then take light exercise too.  If reading is more urgent, you can walk a little while but read it.  If walking, do not just sleep, studies have proven that reading through it can be more attention.

Read aloud

Maybe your mother used to give you strength in your childhood, read so loudly so that I can hear from the kitchen!  You used to read aloud for fear of mother.  But now when you grow up, do not fall down loudly, because you seem to have a small childhood job.  But by reading aloud, but the fear of falling asleep can be removed.  Again reading aloud means listening to your own ears in your ears.  It is a matter of great teacher to explain the reading of the class.  You will be able to read yourself, as a result of which you will understand quickly.

Write down the topic

As soon as many people in school life read the new learning material.  Now he certainly does not work.  But it can still be very helpful.  If you write for a while, instead of simply reading, then diversity will come.  Also, when you write your own short story in the form of reading, it will be easier for you to remember.  Needless to say, the possibility of falling asleep to read, the possibility of going to sleep is less likely to write.  If there is nothing like writing, then you can read the book.  In that case, pencil, different color pen or signature pen can be used.  Using color can also stimulate your resting brain.

Refrain from reading difficult issues during the night

Your body and mind are both tired due to hard work throughout the day.  In such a situation, it is not possible for you to concentrate on a very complex subject and understand it.  If you do this, it can be more reversible.  You may be so disgusted with that matter that in the future there may not be any more interest in reading about that topic.  On the other hand, if you wake up early in the morning, if you can sleep early in the night, then Niruar can easily understand the difficult matter.  So keep the difficult things up for the next morning, just read the simple and interesting topics at night.

Study the group

Reading alone can seem to be a tedious thing to many.  It is a matter of great discomfort for many people to read alone all over the examination before night.  Moreover, if you stay alone in a difficult place to study, the interest in reading decreases a lot.  Then it seems, what is the benefit of reading this thing, rather than just sleeping. In this way many people do not get read until they are alone.  But if one group or group can be studied with one or more friends, then loneliness is eliminated, study seems to be entertaining, not to be monotonous, and if one does not read, it can quickly be understood from the other person.  No one can do it but there is no harm.  Still, I can comfort myself with thinking that no one can read this, then I will have to be sad!

Drink chewing gum or tea-coffee

Many people may be opposed to eating or drinking while reading, but in some cases it may also be beneficial.  Suppose, you have been repeatedly trying to read, you can take eyes at any moment.  But reading is also very important.  Then you can start chewing it in a chewing gum on the face.  Living chewing gum means joining an active physical activity, so that your brain will become more active in the future.

Besides, tea or coffee drinks can also be used for sleeping.  But remember, too much caffeine is harmful for health.  Therefore, more than 500-600 milligrams of caffeine per day can not be taken.

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