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clinical psychologist
clinical psychologist

How to build a career as a clinical psychologist

Clinical Psychology is a special category of psychology.  A clinical psychologist works mainly on issues related to various mental problems and population.  These types of psychologists mainly talk to the patient and try to solve their problems.  Currently, clinical psychologists provide psychological counseling services through the Personality Office.  Let's know, how to make a career as a clinical psychologist.

What does a clinical psychologist work?

In health care, clinical psychologists are considered to be a special part of psychology.  Although the work of clinical psychologists is almost the same.  Let's know the works of a clinical psychologist,

1.  Center Around Patient Care.

2.  Research and research about the latest psychological diseases and treatments.

3.  Practice places and time for practice.

4.  Maintaining relationships with other psychologists and paying attention to business management.


6.  Ambulatory and office-based consultancy.

7.  Medical research and patient visit as well as training.

8.  Examine various mental therapies and treatments.

9.  Joining Health Care Coverage, Mal-Practice Insurance and Retirement Savings Program.

10.  Take the help of other physicians in psychological problems.

What can be the career of a clinical psychologist?

Before you build a career as a clinical psychologist in the health sector, you can start a career as a physician assistant, a histoate, a mental therapist, or a personal psychologist.  Having experience from above positions can build a career as a clinical psychologist.  If you have the skills and qualifications of some other type of profession in the health sector, it will be easier for you to become a surgeon, because of your experience before being a senior level head of clinical psychologist.

If you want to become a career as a clinical psychologist, you need to be expert in things that you need to do,

1.  Must have high proficiency in High Equity Ethylologies and Complexities.

2.  Be adequate on wound management.

3.  Must be skilled at the revision ampection.

4.  Must have expertise in clinical condition, psychology and medical procedures.

5.  Must have experience working with the Intermediate Team under the Medical Faculty.

6.  Have the ability to diagnose and diagnose various clinical consultation methods, treatment strategies and diseases.

7.  To know about General Treatment, Medicare Mental System, Trauma Scope and Homam Tenens.

8.  Must have enough expertise on different health care packages (medical, dental and vision).

What kind of educational qualification should a clinical psychologist be?

Prior to starting a career in healthcare as a clinical psychologist, it can be obtained at least two to four years of graduate degrees on medicine, pre-med programs, chemistry, psychology, biology, physics, or voltaicing.  Then, to get a degree in different types of psychology from the medical school or the university.  Then in the clinical psychology category, doctoral degrees like PhD or PSWadi should be accepted.  After completing clinical training, licenses should be obtained through various license programs.

What kind of work experience should a clinical psychologist have?

Prior to joining as a clinical psychologist, you will have to experience at least 2 to 7 years of all types of subjects related to the health department of the health sector including medical programming, business management, chemistry, physics, psychology, medical research and analysis.

How can a clinical psychologist pay?

If you want to become a career in the health sector as a clinical psychologist, then your annual salary will vary from entry level and senior level.  The annual salary of a clinical psychologist at the entry level is the minimum salary of Tk 50 lakh to 80 lakh taka.  The annual salary of a senior-level clinical psychologist is at least Tk 80 lakh to 1 crore taka.

In addition, there are variations in the pay scale in other sectors of the health sector.  For example, a physician's annual salary ranges between Rs 40 lakh and up to 70 lakhs.  Again, the annual salary of a General Surgeon can be from 30 lakh taka to a maximum of 9 million taka.  Carrier builds as a clinical psychologist will be very easy for you, if you can get several certifications on Biology, Human Behavior or Medical Treatment.  The certification courses that are currently very much important for clinical psychologists are,

1.  Biological Beverages of Behavior

2.  Certified Academic Psychology

3.  The Cognitive Affective Effects of Behavior

4.  Growth and life span development

5.  Assessment and Diagnosis

6.  Treatment, Intervention, Prevention and Supervision

7.  Research, Methods and Statisticians

8.  Ethical, Logical and Professional Issues

Consider whether the term of the clinical psychologist is suitable for you

The main task of a clinical psychologist is to look after the patients with mental or psychological problem on behalf of an individual or company, officially or to solve their problems.  The salary of a clinical psychologist can reach a maximum of Taka.  But in contrast, you have to do a lot of trouble.  Knowing about the right disease, sharing information with patients, having a quick relationship with any patient, has a job with a clinical psychologist.

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