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Human Hacking
Human Hacking

Human Hacking: What and How?

Suppose someone is stealing your brain.  Or your thoughts, ideas or the secret of your mind is unknowingly hacking another.  But you can not know anything about it.  How about it?  It may be a story or story of 'inspection' movie.  But the future science is saying that.  And it's going to happen very quickly.  And this will be possible for the benefit of neuroscience.

Imagine realizing the fact that the way Neuro technology is advancing within decades will really be a reality.  Nineteenth-century neuroscientists say that the future of neuroscience is going to brighten in the next hundred years.

Then people will be able to make maximum use of technology without effort.  Then there is no work to do with hand or foot or body sweat.  If you think only by brain, it will be done for the benefit of neuro technology.

It looks a little bizarre, is not it?  Well, then say a little easier, suppose you want to post a Facebook or Twitter or an Instagram.  For this, you need to first log in to ID, then typing it to the keyboard will be typed.  Then do the post.  is not it?  But you do not have to do anything for the neuro technology.  You will only command the brain that you want to give a status on Facebook and want to write in the status quo.  Your brain will automatically connect to the neuro technology with Facebook and post it automatically.  Not so funny?

Then think, you are now cooking itself in a recipe of choice.  You do not have to cook and cook in the kitchen.  You will only tell your intent to the brain, then the diameter will be!  The brain will send the recipe formula from your brain to your brain in the robot.  And the artificial intelligence or robot will be present in front of you by making that food in a few moments.  Hope this is the hope!

Many ideas about what the neuroscience is, yet unclear.  I say so little by one.  How about

NeuroScience is the brain, power and mystery.

Through neuro technology, people can transfer information from one brain to another.  Much of ESP power, like telepathy.  But technology will be used in this case!  If people want to reduce the memory of their brain, you can reduce the power.  If you want to scroll past like Facebook Newsfid, you can see the memory of the past, in front of your eyes.  Then people do not know whether they will be able to go in the future, but neuro technology can easily access past information which is called Perfect Recall!  It's similar to a one-way tour.

Not only that, you can also edit your old memories or delete it, and it will be possible to successfully treat all mortality disorders.  Besides, various mental disorders such as depression, dementia, or psychological disorder can be cured through neuro technology.

The most interesting thing is that if someone gets hurt or gets hurt, then he can easily overcome neuro technology.  Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is used for almost half of people around the world.  Among them, there are also Absenceive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) from Parkinson's.  Researchers say that neuro technology is also very likely to control diabetes or obesity with complex disorders, and they think that if a memory disappears due to any pain, it can also be restored.

According to the neuroscientist, the human brain will be the biggest weapon in the era of the neuroscience that has taken place one hundred years later.  There will be no war of arms, ammunition, nuclear bomb or muscle power.  The war will be from the brain to the brain.  One person will attack another party with sound waves.  Who has the most talent and ideas, it will be the world's strongest.

Laurie Pikefatt, researcher at Nuffield Department of Surgical Science at Oxford University, says,

In the next 10 years, if there is such a thing as a commercial memorial, then I would not be surprised. "

As a result, in the next 20 years, technology may provide such benefits so that the brain can contain all the signals that make up memories or memories.  Mr.  Piquetta thinks that in the middle of this century the power of controlling memory can come.  But a slight mistake in this control can bring a big danger.

And in the meantime, the neuroscience's progress towards the future of the future, Newton's third formula is telling the same panic.  Everything has reverse and side-effects!  The most terrifying thing of the neuroscience, however, is 'brainjacking'.

Brainjacking is 'brain hijacking or brain hacking'.  Hackers can hijack your brain by breaking the access to your brain signals.  Your mind will be able to know all the secret information, thoughts, bank PINs, social media passwords, and hackers can claim money through the Dark Web.  And if it does not, then it can threaten to erase memory or create new memories.  Even if they want to be able to control your brain like them.

In 2012, a group of researchers from the Oxford University and Berkeley University of California - Headset, used to be using a popular gaming software, to monitor the brainwashing of brainjacking, and after analyzing people's brainwaves, they found out the pin number of the bank card.  Currently Kaspersky and Oxford University have been working jointly for the safety of brainjacking.

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