Follow the 5 Tips to Succeed on YouTube

Follow the 5 Tips to Succeed on YouTube
Follow the 5 Tips to Succeed on YouTube

Follow the 5 Tips to Succeed on YouTube

Needless to say the YouTube channel has grown in India since the arrival of "Jio".  Currently many in India are interested in working on YouTube.  But we all know, as easy as everyone says, YouTube is not really that easy platform, you made a video and uploaded it to YouTube and the viewer came out.  Today we will share 5 such tips in this post.  That the new youtubers should adhere to.

 ১.  Learn general video editing:

 You say that youtube is making a fresh start, that you can't make bad videos or that video quality can be bad.  You must have a basic knowledge of video editing before starting YouTube. Otherwise no one will be interested in watching your video.  YouTube will not promote your video again for poor quality.  You will find many good free video editing software in the market.

 2.  Upload videos regularly with Video Quality:

 Let your video touch people's minds and express their desire to watch it again and again.  Make a video that no one but you or anyone else has ever made a video on.  Then YouTube will be difficult for you.  Again you have to be a regular on YouTube.  You must upload at least two videos a week, at least for a specific day.

 3.  Make video in addition to expensive cameras:

There is no saying that you will get Subscribers on YouTube without making a video with a expensive camera.  Remember that Bhuban Bam used to record videos with his mobile camera at the beginning of YouTube.  You can also make video with a phone camera.  But you will see that it can be seen and heard clearly.

 4 .  Don't miss YouTube SEO:

 You must upload videos to adhere to YouTube's guidelines.  Your channel is exactly the kind of thing YouTube needs to understand.  That's why you need to set the Channel Keyword.  You can also use TubeBuddy.

 5 .  Do not compare:

 Do not compare yourself to others on YouTube.  Seeing others view bad videos doesn't mean that your videos have to be viewed.  Again, others' channels are not moving forward, which means that your channel is not moving forward.  You go to work  Of course your channel will move forward.

 ৬.  Allow time for video thumbnails:

 The more time you spend making videos, the more time you spend creating thumbnails.  Keep in mind that no matter how well you make videos, if the thumbnail is bad, the video is less likely to get a view.  People first look at the thumbnail in your video, then if it is interesting then everyone will watch your video.

 7 .  Video titles are beautiful and striking:

Your video title must be accurate and meaningful according to your video.  Never try to fool people with wrong titles in the video.  You can search on YouTube for keywords related to video titles.  Then give the title of the related video that got more viewers.  However, do not copy the title directly.

 8 .  Social Media & Joint Video:

At present you can never leave the social media and move the channel forward.  Always share your videos on more social media - Facebook, Instagram etc play a big role in driving any channel forward.  Again you create video together with other youtube.  Upload it to their channel and to your channel. This is how many subscribers are available.  But keep in mind that the two channels are in the same category.

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