Flowers stay fresh

Flowers stay fresh
Flowers stay fresh

Who does not pull the beauty of flowers?  There are trees in the garden.  Yet, the mind wants to spread a whole lot of fresh flowers in the interior.  But if the day goes by, if the flower is decorated, what is the mood?  The next day after buying the flowers, if the flowers are gone, then the way?  There are some simple tricks.  The flowers will be vibrant and fresh for a long time.

Pick flowers - by listening

If you want to cut flowers from your garden and keep them in the vase, pick flowers with long stems before sunrise.  The day you pick flowers, be sure to water the tree the night before.  Before placing the flowers in the vase, cut the flower stalks horizontally at a 5 degree angle and dip the flower stalks in a few inches of clear water in the bucket.
When buying flowers from the market, of course choose fresh flowers.  How to recognize fresh flowers?  If the green circle at the base of the flower appears to be fresh and firmly in place with the flower, then buy those flowers.  Buy a bouquet that has more than half an inch of flower buds.  The beauty of the flowers will remain for many days.

It is best if you have a few inches of water filled bucket, jar or just a water bottle at the time of purchase.  Immediately after buying the flower stalk in the water and return home.  Throw off the outer flower petals or some petals that have faded for some reason.


Cut the leaves that are submerged in the water of the vase.  Remove the dried petals.  After 2 days, the flower stalk will be fresh for a long time even if you cut it at half an inch from the bottom of the flower.  Vase flower arrange in the morning or afternoon, when the weather is cold.  The flower pots should be selected according to the amount of flowers.  Keeping more flowers in small vases will dry up quickly due to lack of water, so choosing a large vase for a few flowers does not make sense.


For fresh flowers, first need clean water.  Replace vase with water twice daily if possible.  If not possible at least once.  Keeping the same water for longer can cause bacteria to grow.  As a result, changing the water does not give the bacteria a chance to grow.


If it does not give water to the flowers for long after being cut from the tree, it can be wiped out or dried.  Besides, the natural beauty of the flower is lost even after the dust falls.  Spray on flowers every night for that.  It will keep the flowers fresh.  But do not spill excess water on the flowers.  It has the potential to decompose flower petals.
 Interestingly, a very effective hair spray to keep flowers fresh!  Spray the 'hair spray' from a distance of the vase on the underside of the leaves and flower petals.


Add the mouthwash to the vase with water as needed.  And see your flowers are refreshing for a week.  Flower buds will also begin to burst.

Bleaching powder

Bleaching powder does not allow bacteria to grow in flower water.  Mix one teaspoon of salt into bleaching powder with a pooa or 20 ml of vase.  Mix the same amount of bleaching powder after changing the water daily.  The flowers will be fresh for a long time.

aspirin tablet

In the water you put flowers, mix well an aspirin tablet.  Aspirin tablets act as an acid neutralizer for flowers and help the flower absorb water easily.  Each time you change the water, give one tablet.  Thus, the flower will be fresh for about 3 days.


Sugar acts as a fertilizer for flowers.  Mix 1 teaspoon of sugar in the vase with water.  The rose buds blend very nicely in the sugar mixed water.  This kind of care is good for 5/5 days.  However, do not forget to change the water daily when mixing sugar.  Mix one tablespoon of glucose in water and the flowers will remain fresh for several days.


Vinegar is no comparison to destroying bacteria.  By mixing vinegar in vase of water, the flower-destroying bacteria dies, so the flowers are fresh for a long time.  You can mix 2 teaspoons of vinegar in vase with water.

Food soda

Soda pair fair to keep flowers fresh and fresh for a long time.  Not only that, food soda has a role in spreading the aroma of flowers.  For this, mix one teaspoonful of soda in the vase.  Add a small amount of sugar to it.

Location selection

Keep the vase in the cold place of the house to avoid direct sunlight.  Place the flowers in a place where the strong wind blows or if they are warm, it dries up quickly.  Never put flowers near vegetables or ripe fruits.  Flowers will quickly dry under the influence of ethylene gas emitted from ripe fruits.  You can keep flowers in the refrigerator at night if desired.  The next morning if you put it in the vase again, it will increase the life expectancy of the flowers.

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