Foods that are on the regular foods list to increase memory

Foods that are on the regular foods list to increase memory

It is not a matter of saying how much memory energy we need.  Forgetting is a very common process.  Over time, people's memories become weaker.  However, this effect can be prolonged a little.  If you are healthy with heart, lungs, muscle care, you should take care of your brain as well.  Again, many children also experience memory problems.

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) provided terrific information about dementia or dementia worldwide.  According to their data, the number of people suffering from memory problems in the world is 4 million.  Each year more than 100,000 people are joining the team.  Current human brain cell production rates are down.

Healthy foods not only keep the body healthy, but also keep the brain healthy.  Here are some foods to take a glimpse of: What are those?

In order to increase the power of memory, we need to eat foods that are fun

 1.  Fish

Oily fish are especially beneficial for increasing memory.  Fish like salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel should be eaten regularly.

 2.  Fish fat

Fish fat contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are very helpful in brain structure and performance.  Pregnant women are advised to eat fish two to three days a week for the health of the unborn child.  Fish help increase the baby's brain function.  Salmon and tuna are the best sources of omega-1 fatty acids.

3.  Tomato

Helps to keep the tomato memory active.  Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is a very powerful antioxidant.  Eating tomatoes as a salad with regular foods is especially beneficial for the brain.
 Vitamin 'B' rich foods
 Vitamin B, B1, B12 rich foods need to be eaten more often.  It is high in fish, poultry, eggs and vegetables.

4.  Crop foods

Cereal foods, nuts, broccoli, pumpkin seeds are especially useful in the development of the brain.  This is why they should be kept high on regular diet charts.

5.  Tropical almond

Nutmeg is an excellent Ayurvedic ingredient.  It helps to increase memory and brain power.  These include antioxidants and omega-1 fatty acids.  The antioxidants contained in it are also good for the eyes.
 Which has to be done
 - Soak 3 to 4 pods all night.
 - The next morning, remove the crust and knead it.
 - Mix this powder in a glass of milk and boil it.
 - Mix a little sugar or honey to enhance the taste.
 - Eat it daily for 3 to 5 days.

6.  Honey and cinnamon

Honey and cinnamon relax the nerves and increase memory.  According to the study, cinnamon dries only with a little nose, but memory is good, it increases the activity of the brain.

Many also say that eating honey before sleep reduces stress;  Sleep also helps.  It plays a role in memory consolidation.
 Which has to be done
 - Mix one teaspoon of cinnamon in a teaspoon of raw honey.
 - Eat it every night for several months.

7.  Eggs

Any nutritionist will advise you to eat eggs.  Eggs have adequate nutritional value.  The yellow part of the egg contains choline (soluble nutrient), which is very important for the brain.  This works especially well in the case of transient memory.

8.  Sunflower seeds

The seeds contain adequate amount of vitamin E, which plays an important role in helping smooth functioning of memory.  Sunflower seeds also serve as a savior to protect the memory of the elderly.  It contains enough choline, which works to fill short-term memory deficits.

9.  Berry

Strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries are rich in antioxidants, which strengthen the brain's way of sending signals.  Berries prevent death and inflammation of brain cells.  Don't be mistaken, the antioxidants contained in the berries also help to delay dementia and Alzheimer's.

10.  Vegetables

Vegetables are known as body-building foods.  Moreover, shake has a strong antioxidant called lutein.  It prevents cognitive decline (knowledge acquisition and thinking ability).  Lutein increases the brain's main function.  As well as developing memory and learning abilities.

11.  Bitmool

This maroon-rich vegetable is the best source of nitrate, which improves the blood supply to the brain and enhances brain function.  Normalizes blood flow to brain of dementia sufferers.

 12.  The grain

 Slow grains increase blood supply throughout the body and improve cardiovascular health.

13.  Black chocolate

It contains natural stimulating ingredients and antioxidants.  Caffeine contained in moderate amounts of chocolate will keep your brain and mood normal.

In addition to consuming these foods that enhance the memory, regular memory enhancement exercises can be done.  And of course, it is important to consult a doctor if necessary.

14.  Play the game in the brain

If the brain works regularly, the brain is good.  Brain exercises, including playing Sudoku or Crosswords, increase memory, as well as protect the brain from degeneration.

15.  Moderate sleep

Even if you do not sleep properly, the memory is reduced.  During the sleep period memory loss decreases and increases.  If you sleep for eight hours daily, your memory will be temporary to long-term.

16.  Acquire new skills

Recently, a Swedish study found that people who learn new languages, remember new people's names or learn new things have better memory.  Those who do not practice these things lose their memory somewhat.

17.  A bit of hard work

Studies show that doing a little work every day gives a great deal of mental peace.  Those who ride the bike for 5 minutes together and who regularly climb on the hillside.  People who work hard regularly have better memory than others.  At least 20 minutes a day, the memory is good at the hostel, and the memory is increased.

18.  Avoid many tasks at once

One has to do only one thing without doing more than one at a time.  Doing so many tasks together reduces memory.  In addition to doing the work, you will remember it for a long time.  As you place the key on the table, keep the key as well as say in the mouth, 'I am keeping the key on the table.' Then do not forget.

The scientific way

19.  Eliminate worry

Anxiety and emotional turmoil diminish people's memory.  Therefore, it is important to keep the mind fresh in order to keep the memory sharp.  That is why meditation, if you do it well.

20.  Keep the blood flow just right

Exercise is not only for health, but also for the mind.  Exercise is very effective for building long-term memory.  Because it keeps the blood flow to the body.  And if the blood flow is good, the mind works well.

21.  Create imagery

The human mind is good at remembering visuals or images.  So the image association with any memory plays an effective role in strengthening the memory.

22.  Puzzle game

Brain games such as puzzles, sudoku, crosswords play a huge role in enriching people's memory.

23.  Talk to yourself

People may call you crazy, but you can talk to yourself a little when you have the time.  The thing is really healthy.  People who talk like this are less likely to suffer from dementia.  Not only that, telling yourself the story or preventing an event like memory loss can also be prevented from happening in your mind.

24.  Learning a new language

Learning a new language means that not only does another feather grow in your crown, it also increases your confidence.  And most of all, your memory began to grow rather than diminish. How?  If you want to remember the new words, the head will have to eat more!  Remembering this tie-in every day will reduce your forgetfulness once in a while.

25.  Word-seizure tables and puzzle solving

So far, all these things are considered childish.  Now open the paper first and then open the sudoku or word-seizure.  The more you can solve the gain.  If you have a brain, it will work!

26.  The song is just the song

Listen to music when it's time.  The survey says anger music or stimulates brain cells.  However, it is not just listening.  After listening, the melody or lyrics of the song should be echoed in your mind so that the song remembers.  This way, you will increase your ability to remember the unknown while remembering the song.

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